2020 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Affiliate Marketing

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2020 Wealthy Affiliate Review – For Beginners and Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Do you want to learn how to a make a passive income online? Then Wealthy Affiliate is the marketing platform for you.

Firstly, if you’re not fully aware of what affiliate marketing is then please go to my homepage, where it explains the affiliate marketing process, cycle and also a YouTube video explaining all

There are many wealthy affiliate reviews and 99% of them are all positive. This is no different.

There are millions of ‘money making’ platforms online today. However, it can be very difficult to decipher what is a legitimate marketing platform and what is a scam. Throughout this post I will be promoting what is, in my opinion, the best and completely legitimate online marketing platform.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business building platform that guides you all the way through starting an online business. From building a website in under 30 seconds, to creating high traffic content for your site and also the key mistakes to avoid when becoming a successful online affiliate marketer.

It’s really easy to join, like most memberships it’s really easy to sign up. Simply provide your email address and create a password, just as you would signing in to social media platforms. This will then sign you in to Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. Once you are logged in, you will see the really well-structured dashboard. This will allow you access to a personal coach who will help you with any issues you may come up against or answer any queries you may have. So immediately, you have the help of a professional.


A Really Helpful Expert Community

Whilst logged into Wealthy Affiliate, you will notice a live chat down the right-hand side of the homepage. This is where the ‘Wealthy Affiliate Community’ chat with one another to help each other. I know it sounds strange that people in this day and age would want to help one another make money, but it’s very true. I personally have achieved so much at Wealthy Affiliate thanks to the community and the beauty of it is, the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that spreads worldwide so there is always someone online to help you, no matter what time frame you are in.

The community consists of all kinds of online marketers from beginners to experts who have made millions. So you can get a wide range of experience when asking for help.

How Much Training Is Provided At Wealthy Affiliate?

From the get go, the training is extremely helpful. A mixture of simple text and straightforward training videos, make creating your online business that so much easier. Kyle Loudoun, one of the CEO’s, of Wealthy Affiliate is your trainer and makes the whole process very easy. I found the best way to work through the training is to watch the training videos on your phone or tablet, whilst implementing the training on your laptop this way you are basically copying the training instructions but are able to pause the video to work at your own pace.


A great training feature as well is that the community are again there to help with any questions you leave in the comments section under the training videos.


As you progress through the training, Wealthy Affiliate keeps track of your training so you can always carry on from where you finished off last time around.

Although there are two main training categories, there are thousands of training videos that the community have made to help you progress into being the best online affiliate marketer you can be.


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Not?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or not? The easy answer is no. See this post for further reading on WA being legitimate. Wealthy affiliate is completely transparent in everything it does, there are no hidden costs and everything is explained from the start. How can a platform that is transparent in all fees and procedures be a scam? There is a premium membership option that Wealthy Affiliate offer. Although this is not obligatory, I do recommend this option once you have got the grips of the basics as it opens up so many more options to help you grow your business and make much more income.

I can honestly say, the premium membership completely changed my affiliate marketing career for the better. However, as previously mentioned it is not obligatory so you can look at the premium membership if and when it suits you. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I highly recommend the FREE membership is looked at before joining premium.

See below the benefits of premium membership.

WA- membership-options

Success Stories At Wealthy Affiliate

As previously mentioned the Wealthy affiliate community is a mix of beginners, experienced marketers and multi millionaires. For example the CEO’s Kyle and Carson are experienced and wealthy marketers. Both can be contacted for help during your journey. Not many companies allow you to speak to the CEO of the company!

Remember, you’re being trained by Kyle… a very successful and wealthy online marketer. So you’re learning from one of the very best.

I always recommend reading some success stories at Wealthy affiliate. This always helps me push myself to get to that next level of online affiliate marketing.

As you can see below, a lot of the members are earning a lot of money. Some people learn online marketing to replace their 9-5 and become financially free. Others do it for a side income. Some even do it just to blog and for a hobby without the intention of earning.

See below some of Wealthy affiliates success stories.

Not Experienced In Writing, Blogging, Website Design Or Creating Content?

Neither was I, I’d imagine neither was most of the community. However, I now blog every day across my websites thanks to the help and training provided.

Some great feedback I get from my clients is that not only are they excited to start earning money on they’re own terms but they really get into creating posts and content about a passion they have. It’s difficult to start your own business that requires premises, staff and stock etc. However when you can sit on your sofa and create a large income, what’s not to be excited about?

Work, Work, Work.

Although Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools and assistance you will need to become a success, like anything, you do need to put the time and effort in to become successful. A lot of people give up because they haven’t earned the money they want straight away. This is the BIGGEST mistake online affiliate marketers make. It’s like riding a bike, you will learn balance or steering relatively early on. Yet that doesn’t mean you can compete in the Tour de France the very next day. Persistence and patience will pay off.

hard-work-pays -off

A Truly Amazing Reward

Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle & Carson) likes to reward its successful members. If you make 300 or more wealthy affiliate sales in a year, Kyle and Carson will invite you to an all expenses paid trip to the Wealthy Affiliate conference In Las Vegas USA! This includes, an amazing stay at a hotel where you will be treated to beautiful food, a luxury stay and get to meet fellow successful marketers.


Sell over a 1000 wealthy affiliate sales and you will be upgraded to a luxurious room in the hotel, again completely free of charge. Sign up today and read more about the Las Vegas trip.


My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate Programme – PLUS A BONUS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

What I like About WA:

  1. You can learn for FREE
  2. The support is excellent
  3. You can start an online business in any niche
  4. You can change your life on your own terms

What I dont like about WA:

  1. You receive an email, every time someone comments on a post you are part of (this can get a little annoying).
  2. some of the training is a little out dated but the support is there to guide you.

To be honest, as you can see from the above table, not only can you work for free but if you do decide to go for the premium membership you get an INCREDIBLE amount of support and help for your money, hence why this really is the best free affiliate marketing training. Its changed my life, not just in regard to finances but it gives you something to look forward to growing and evolving every day. Your very own online business. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT

How to Claim your Bonus

When you join your FREE starter account I am going to offer YOU a BONUS (including a 59% discount). When you join Wealthy Affiliate I will be personally welcoming you on your profile with a “hello” and some more helpful information about WA,  also how to get help from me and how to claim your BONUS! You will wonder how you ever did without Wealthy Affiliate, trust me!


My Ratings

Name: Wealthy affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Value for money – 8.1 out of 10

Training – 8.2 out of 10

The WA community / support – 9 out of 10

Research tools 8.5 out of 10.0

WordPress hosting: 4.9 out of 5.0

Price: starter member (free) – premium membership ($49 a month or $359 a year

The Rewards – 10 out of 10


I have created a chart below to give you an idea of the main aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and I have scored them out of 10.



So, why not take a look at the best online business platform today for FREE!!! – Click below and change your life for good!

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to comment below.



22 Responsesso far.

  1. Chelsea says:

    Wealthy affiliate is an amazing platform. I have the free membership and I really enjoy getting into my website. The training is really helpful and Russ provides excellent advice and help as well as the community at WA.

  2. I am also utilizing the Wealthy Affiliate platform to learn how to create a successful online business. Everything you mention in your review is correct. I can not believe all of the help that is available at Wealthy Affiliate. I love the instructional videos! Make sure to contact Russ if you have any questions about the Wealthy Affiliate program. Good Luck!!

  3. Hi Russ
    Thank you for sharing the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity – this platform certainly does offer a huge amount of value!
    I was not aware of the incentive for over 1000 sales – wow, that is an awesome reward! I am aiming for Vegas in 2021, look forward to meeting you there.

  4. Jeff says:

    I agree affiliate marketing is a great way to start an online business and earn an income, but you can’t do it alone. That is where you must either do two things, you either find yourself a good mentor to help you get started or get training online.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the only training program I would recommend you invest your time and money, and you can start for free to see if this training is right for you.


  5. Robb says:

    Thanks for the extensive review of the wealthy affiliate. I have heard really great things about this program. Great product and I understand the training is very good also. I was not aware of the bonus, thanks for that I will check it out. Cheers

  6. Hi Russell,

    Firstly, I have to say that this is one of the most in-depth reviews I have read for Wealthy Affiliate, so Kudos to you my friend.

    I, myself, have recently joined the Wealthy Affiliate community (currently just 2 weeks in), but I can attest to everything you have said.

    You’re absolutely correct by stating that that it’s highly unlikely that you’d ever get to speak to the CEO of a company. However, I have found Kyle to be extremely genuine, friendly and he’s always there to lend a hand.

    I’ve been following the training through with military precision and already have my first website set up and indexed in Google. I’m not sure how likely this would have been without the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your frank and honest review and hopefully I’ll see you around in the community.


    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Partha thank you for your very kind comments. Its great to here you’re 2 weeks in and you’re indexed by google. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the best platform and like you say having a friendly person (as they all are) is a great help. Keep up the good work

  7. Mick says:

    Hey Russell, thanks for this in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate!

    I hear good things about them all the time, have you been a member very long?

    I totally agree with you that Affiliate Marketing is the best online business to get involved in.

    What marketing methods do you use, if I may ask?

    I like the incentive of an all-inclusive trip to Vegas. A place I have always wanted to visit.

    Gone into great detail about them and so nicely laid out and written.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Mick Thank you for your comment. They are very good and certainly the best platform in mine (and others opinion). I have been a member since 2019. Hopefully we can both meet in Vegas soon ha!

  8. Ceci says:

    Hi Russell,

    I had only heard of Wealthy Affiliates from some friends who had tried out their hands at online marketing and had horror stories to offer.

    When I stumbled on your article while searching for an online affiliate opportunity because of all the layoffs in many industries, I was really pleasantly surprised! This is one of the best reviews I have encountered about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliates. I am impressed by the thoroughness of the article and especially because you were able to validate the information with concrete data and success stories of real-life people!

    How long have you been with the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

    I will be sharing this info with my friends and encouraging them also to check it out. Nothing good comes without some level of effort and discipline.

    Great article!


  9. Nadine Leddy says:

    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 4 months now. I started on the free membership, but quickly decided after a week, to upgrade to Premium that offered so many more benfits.

    Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best platform to create your online business. It is superior in easy to follow ongoing training, 24/7 support and a fantastic opportunity to form a huge network of highly experienced business people, who are more than happy to give up time to help you.

    Everything you have mentioned is 100% correct, there is complete transparency nothing is hidden and there are no nasty surprised after you sign up. If you are thinking of starting an online business WA is the way to go.

  10. Hi Russ! I am a Premium member and after reading your review I think you give a true and good insight into what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. But at the end of it all it is always what you make out of the opportunities you get in life. For anyone who wants to earn some extra money online wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start. You give a good picture. I like how you say that WA members help eachother Succeed. This I can confirm. I am happy when I see other members succeed. Personally I started after reading a success story about a girl called Jelena who turned her life completely around thanks to WA. Now we communicate inside WA and I have learned a lot from her. This blueprint for success is working!

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Hilde thank you for your comment. Your are dead right, WA changes lives I can vouch for that. Not only does it provide you with financial change but it keeps the brain motivated.

  11. Mohammad says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform. I learned a lot from it. It has really a great community with amazing experts who are willing to help everyone to improve their business. Affiliate marketing is a great way for passive income. It is really a way that needs many skills, and Wealthy Affiliate exceeded my expectation in learning all that necessary for affiliate marketing. Thank you for this great review! I loved it.

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Mohammad, thanks for the comment. Wealthy Affiliate is the way forward. I wrote this post earlier on n the year and have experienced even more success with the platform since then. it certainly does excced expectation. I am glad its working for you also.

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