Affiliate Marketing – My Own Story

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I thought it would be beneficial to blog the reason as to why and how I got into affiliate marketing, with the hope that it will help others when they look at earning a living from home. The purpose of this post was to show you, you can earn money affiliate marketing and become a successful affiliate marketer.

My Occupation

My job was in the domestic appliance trade. So for those that don’t know what that is, it’s basically washing machines, fridge freezers, cookers etc.

The company I worked for specialised on appliance repairs and sales. I started there in 2009 and started as a part-time sales assistant. Over 10 years I worked my way up to store manager.

Although I worked very hard to get there, obviously with a better title and salary comes with more responsibility. There were good perks with my job, for example my salary jumped up which helped me buy my first home but having a large mortgage at a relatively young age caused a lot of financial stress. The mortgage was always paid, but with 2 young children, childcare etc it made things very tight. On paper, I had a good salary but I had very little in my pocket after the mortgage payment and bills went out.

Working For Me

I spent quite a while researching ways to earn extra money. However, I couldn’t just go and get a bar or pizza delivery job because I worked 7:30-5 Mon to Fri and then 8:30-1 on a Saturday. My partner worked Sundays so I barely got to spend quality time with my family. So I had to find something that I could do on my terms and when I wanted to.

As mentioned above I researched and researched and researched and came across many scams and pyramid schemes. This initially forced me to give up the search.

Affiliate Marketing – The Lifesaver

One evening over the Christmas period, I was led in bed watching YouTube on my phone when one of those dreaded YouTube ads came up. ‘Do you want to earn money from home’ blah blah blah.

I was just about to press skip when I thought ‘ no give it a chance’ so I listened. Basically the guy in the video was promoting affiliate marketing. For those of you who do not know what affiliate marketing is please visit my page here explaining more.

After I had heard his story about how he was in a well-paid job but not spending time with his family and being part of the cycle of getting up and going to work every single day and not being to enjoy the simple things of life it struck a cord with me.


One important thing is, I wasn’t necessarily unhappy at my job but was a 100% satisfied? No. Is anyone ever 100% satisfied in their 9-5? I personally think not. See my ‘are you happy in your 9-5’ post here.

So, as all affiliate marketers do, he of course said sign up to a free email below for more information which I did.

As promised I received a video. This had the CEO of the company explaining what affiliate marketing is and also about his platform. After watching the video, I thought to myself ‘I can sell’ I’ll give it a go.

I then went onto his recommended platform and see they offered a free membership, great. However, as I always recommend, before I jumped in, I thought I’d YouTube this platform and check out some reviews. I came across one that broke it down and basically confirmed it was a legit platform but it was very expensive. Click here for a break down on the astronomical costs.

The guy who recorded the YouTube review recommended the Wealthy Affiliate platform and broke down the benefits and the fact they offer a FREE membership for beginners and a premium membership for those who want to progress further. Again I researched Wealthy Affiliate and was very happy with what I saw. A free membership for as long as I wanted and without providing payment details. Perfect. Perfect was exactly what it is. I then realised that I could earn money affiliate marketing. I learnt so much from the free membership and Then decided to go premium which opened up the world of affiliate marketing and I haven’t looked back since.

My Journey So Far

Since spending time on Wealthy Affiliate and learning from the best on the training section I have managed to earn money on my terms.

This allows me to have more freedom when it comes to doing the normal things like taking the kids to school, attending doctors and hospital appointments and seeing my kids grow up whilst not having to worry about money or annual leave allocation.

How Can You Learn & Take The Same Path As Me?

Simple, click here and join for free and become a successful affiliate marketer. The internet is always going to be around and will always be a platform to make money from. So join today for free or contact me for more information.




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  1. Elise Cain says:

    Wonderful article! As an affiliate marketer myself, I can confirm just how legit and amazing this opportunity is. I also had a very hard time trying to find something legit, that could keep me financially stable. Also like you, I stopped the search many times because I was also finding a lot of scams or pyramid schemes.

    Once I found Wealthy Affiliate, I have never looked back! The most appealing thing to me about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you can see for yourself (at no cost to you) just how beneficial the training is. I got to learn and apply knowledge for free. A test run to see how legit this platform is, and that made me feel safe and secure in knowing that I can trust Wealthy Affiliate to help with everything they say they can.

    I highly recommend anyone to just reach out to this writer and test it for yourself!

    • admin says:

      Hi Elise

      Thank you for your comment. It truly is the best platform out there. Unbelievable to think we can earn money from our sofa and have such a great back up with the community.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the informative post. It looks like you found something that works. I’ve been looking as well. Your link to Wealthy Affiliate looks professional. I will check them out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anne says:

    Your level of success is only as good as your understanding of and implementation of marketing. Once you’ve got it set up and working, just feed it daily and the rest is on autopilot. The real beauty is the fact that your marketing is always working for you 24/7. I’m a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate. It is by far the absolute best source for free training you’ll ever find and there’s no time limit either.

  4. suzanne says:

    Hi Russel,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. It’s so nice to hear how people get started in this industry. It definitely helps to show others it’s legitimate and can be accomplished by anyone.

    I have my own online business and love the freedom it provides.

    As long as you’re committed, patient, and willing to put the work in, it’s a fantastic way to make an online income.

    Thanks again for your story. I very much enjoyed reading your post!


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