Am I Valued At Work? – Is It Time To Realise My Potential?

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We live in strange times at present and in my opinion, it’s not going to be back to normal for a very long time. I am sure during these strange times of Covid infestation we have all questioned many aspects of our normal life compared to the new way of life, I know I certainly have.

A few things that have crossed my mind are:

  • Can I cut my own hair and save £20 a month?
  • If we have another wave of the virus, is there another way of ensuring I will be financially stable?
  • Do I have any unnecessary direct debits that I can cancel?
  • How much money have I saved staying away from bars and clubs?
  • How much money have I saved on clothes and outfits to socialise in?

By the way, after popping to see my barber, I can definitely say the £20 a month is worth it! As you will notice all the above are finance related. Mainly because unfortunately, money is what makes the world go around and it’s more important than it’s ever been. money

After speaking to a close friend of mine one recent weekend he added another question to the list, that question was one I am sure many employed people have asked since being furloughed and returning to work. For my American friends and anyone else not from the UK, furlough is what the UK government have put in place which basically means you are temporarily made redundant from work with 80% pay. The 80% pay is paid to your employer by the government and it is up to your employer whether they make up the extra 20%.

Anyway, back to the question my friend added to the list. He found himself in a situation where he had to ask himself am I valued at work?

All Is Fair in Love & Business

We are all put through the same cycle in life, go to school, get a job, pay bills and die. As morbid as it sounds it’s the truth. Or is it? Have you ever wondered why school don’t teach you how to manage a mortgage, how to invest your money, how to start a business or simply how to manage finances? Basically it’s because the system wants you to get a job pay your taxes like everyone else. Now I don’t want to sound like one of those conspiracy theorists that talks about the Illuminati and the government etc, I am merely stating facts. illuminatiIn my opinion a lot of people forget that when you are employed, you basically are a number that makes number 1 a very healthy bank balance (if the business is successful). The black and white of how business owners think is quite simply ‘how can I use someone to make me money in the most profitable way possible’.



Am I Valued At Work? – The Honest Truth

Unfortunately there are many people out there who are just money makers, they aren’t valued, they are a pawn in the game of chess that is business. However, there are some employers out there who understand the grind, they understand the commitment some put in and the sacrifices some make. This can be rewarded in extra holiday, bonuses and pay increases. But, you must never forget, you are still there to make them money. You are still there to ensure they live the life they dream off and if you don’t, you’re gone. My friend is a mechanic and has been a mechanic at the same garage for the last 12 years. He is incredibly loyal and in those 12 years he has never had a day off sick. He turns up every day, puts a shift in and goes home.

My friend was unfortunately furloughed during lock down. At the time he was in the middle of buying a new house and few other expensive situations. Eventually he was bought back to work on full pay. However, things had changed. His boss, someone who he had a good relationship with, was money obsessed and not in a good way. He would plead poverty every day to his staff and remind them every day they were lucky to be in work and he has just about got his head above water.

dream house

What he failed to inform them as that he was having 2 large extensions on his new £1M home. My friend was paying expert tradesman hundreds of pounds a day to finish his dream home. Yet his mechanics, who help bring this income to the table, to enable him to have this work done, were made to feel like they may be out of work and that they should be grateful to be in work. As always the truth came out and it left the mechanics disgruntled. His boss mentioned he was paying a carpenter £250 a day, my friend only just earns that a week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure if we all had that kind of money we would be doing the same if not similar. However, it sometimes pays to remember and value those who help put you where you are as they could be going through difficulties themselves. Sometimes spending money makes money. Or even an arm around someone to tell them they are appreciated goes a long way.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today which focused on the, I am sure, frequently asked question ‘am I valued at work?’ I hope it has woken some people up and helps pull those brain washed employees off of the conveyor belt of the 9-5. If you join my recommended platform today for FREE then drop me a message and say hi! I can’t wait to see your growth and progress.

Remember, if and when you become a boss, value your staff, you never know when they may just up and leave and become their own boss. Sometimes, you do not realise what you have lost until it’s gone.


Please leave any comments in the below section. Thank you!

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  1. Christine says:

    “Am I valued at work” is a good question to be asking right now. I am lucky enough to still have my job, but things are different now, and we all have to get used to it. I am a school teacher and we are now teaching classes online. I just finished my first week of online teaching now that we started a new school year and it went well, but certain things and measurements are taken at our school that upset some teachers, and it makes them ask themselves if they are valued enough …
    Now is the perfect time to start a business online, and learn all about affiliate marketing. So many more people are online now, this is the time to get busy on the internet. Can I sign up for free at the Wealthy Affiliate platform you recommend?

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Christine thanks for the comment. I am glad you managed to stay in work and that things are going well. You can most certainly join for FREE! Completely free in fact. No payment details required at all. If you need more info please do nothesitate to contact me.

  2. Aria Len says:

    I’m definitely not appreciated at work, which is why I decided to put more energy into my online business. I’ve been putting my dreams off for way too long and I’ve become so used to working a full-time day job that I have become used to giving myself reasons NOT to chase what my heart really wants.

    Sometimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves, but once we find our definite “why”, we are usually able to finally break free from the chains we’ve bound ourselves with mentally.

  3. Hannie says:

    I chuckled on your hairdresser-remark. I am cutting my hair myself since lockdown half a year ago, and the front – which I can see – looks good. But I can’t see the back, so I have no idea how that looks like. ROFLOL
    Anyway, your information is good and so is your question “Are you valued”. What I (I have been a solo-entrepreneur and employer for a big part of my life) have noticed among employes is that sometimes they fall into the trap of being a victim. If you feel you’re not valued, you can either leave your job, or you can list your value for the company and spread the word. So another question, in my opinion, would be “Do you value yourself”.
    Take care and stay safe. 🙂

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Hannie, thanks for your comment. Thats a great question! Yes the back of my hair resembled a bowl cut I must admit! I am glad to hear your solo career is working for you thats the dream for all of us! Take care

  4. Habib says:

    This a very important question to ask yourself, “am I valued at work?” My answer would be a big YES. I am very lucky to be part of an amazing team who value you. I strongly feel this is all down to a fantastic management. I feel my skills have grown so much since I started working there.

    Thank you for pointing this out.

  5. Hi Russell,

    A really interesting read and certainly one that made me think, not so much about my own circumstances, but much the same as you, that of my friends.

    In a way, lockdown has been a strange one for me, as I work for an internet-based company. However, we deal the marketing for entertainment-based businesses, such as Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Hotels.

    So, as you can probably guess we had absolutely no work whatsoever during lockdown.

    However, as things have started to return to normal in the UK, not only were all staff furloughed (on full-pay) during lockdown, they are now being rewarded for the extra work they’ve had to do over the past 2 months (it’s been extremely busy).

    I guess you could say that all the staff feel extremely valued.

    With that said, looking at the example of your friend this mirrors many of the stories that my friends have also told me.

    They don’t feel valued at all, they are constantly being told that they are lucky to still have a job, while barely holding onto their financial lives by their fingertips.

    I think you make a great point that there is more to life than simply working, paying your taxes, and the dying.

    And potentially working for yourself, with the right training and action plan, could definitely be the way forward for many people who feel undervalued at work.

    Food for thought here in this article. Well said, well written, and something for many of us to consider.


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