Can Online Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

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When I promote online affiliate marketing and also the best platform to get you on the right path to success, I am often met with an array of questions. All of them link to one overall question…. Can affiliate marketing make you rich? I have broken down some questions below with some answers for those whoa re looking at online marketing as a career.

How Much Money Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

This is near on always the first question. Although, this question can frustrate me (it all depends on how it’s asked) it is a question that I first pondered when looking into affiliate marketing world. My answer now is quite simple, how much are you willing to put into your education on affiliate marketing? The response is normally “whatever it takes, 24 hours a day if needed”.

The problem with this is everyone ‘would do anything’ to be rich. However, when push comes to shove and its time to put in Jet setter lifestylework, people give up. They cannot see a million in their bank account so they get the idea that online marketing doesn’t work so they jump onto something else looking to make a quick living and 9 times out of 10 they are scammed!

Well I ask you this, how many millionaires do you know that started a business or had a dream, and then, puff overnight becomes a millionaire? I’ll tell you, none, zero, nada. The simple reason for this is because, like anything in life, you get out what you put in. Anyone who is paid a high salary in their 9-5 will know that it takes hard work, sacrifice and it takes time.

I can normally tell straight from the start if the person is really committed to give their all or ready to give up at the first hurdle. Unfortunately it’s normally the latter.

The problem is we live in a society now of ‘laziness; smart phones, tablets, voice controlled appliances, Alexa etc make life so much easier. So to try to educate someone in being hungry to succeed can be difficult.

The overall simple answer to the first question is you can make an extremely healthy living from affiliate marketing. BUT it takes hard work and commitment. Can you write about a product / niche 3 times a week? (I try to write every day if possible – see my blog here). There are many millionaire affiliate marketers out there; there are people who use affiliate marketing as a side income or just a hobby. The world is your oyster, but be prepared to graft.


How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Online Marketing?

This depends, for example the platform I recommend and I myself am a premium member of, Wealthy Affiliate, offers 2 types of training. One being an online entrepreneur certification, this teaches how to promote products from your chosen passion / niche and the second training is how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and how to make money by doing so.

The first option is easier to make money quicker as you are blogging / promoting a product / niche that you have a passion Work, work, workfor, therefore you know a lot about it. The second option is more difficult. Financial results can be unbelievable financially but you are competing with a lot of other people out there who have older and more experienced websites. However, the training provided by Kyle, one of the CEO’s of Wealthy Affiliate, will aid you all the way through the process of becoming successful.

The overall simple answer to this question is, if you are promoting products related to your niche / passion (what’s a niche? – click here) then as long as you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training and put in the work you will find money should come quicker.

If you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate then it can take anything up to / from a year if you follow and listen to the training provided. As previously mentioned this is harder due to the competition experienced marketers. However, the financial opportunity can be huge!

Start the online entrepreneurship certification training here (recommended for beginners)


Start the WA boot camp training here

How Much Money Do I Make?

This is another frequently asked question. You normally find that if you do not answer with “I make millions, I have a yacht and a holiday home” then a lot of people instantly dismiss it. Again this links back to the ‘lazy outlook’. The simple answer is am I financially free? Not yet. Do I put in a ton of work and commitment whilst juggling every day life? Yes. Is this a recipe for success in the long run? Absolutely. If you do not start, how can you possibly finish?

You will notice nearly every question has been about money. However, this next question I am asked is right up there…

It Must Be A Scam? It’s Too Easy To Sit On Your Sofa & Make Money

This is a common misconception. Of course, it seems ‘too easy’ to earn a fortune online. However, as previously mentioned work harderhere and on other posts of mine (click here) it doesn’t come from sitting on your sofa sipping a beer and watching TV. It comes with hard work sometimes years + worth of work is required to start seeing a difference. If I was to say to you, work hard for a year or maybe even a couple of years and do so from the comfort of your own home in your own time at your own pace and you could one day be financially free, never having to worry about getting up and joining the rat race again, paying your bills with ease, work anywhere you want that has a WiFi signal, whether that be on a beach, in your home or down the local coffee shop you’d certainly consider it right?


View my YouTube video here that talks about focusing on success instead of money and the money will follow.


Success From Online Marketing

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I hope this post helped answer several questions, but obviosuly the main one being ‘Can affiliate marketing make you rich?’ If you ahve any questions or comments please leave them below.



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  1. Sara Poyner says:

    Hi. This is a really great article. I have been looking for a way to make money online for some time now, but was scared of the horror stories of scams I had heard. A friend of mine joined another affiliate scheme and after a few days was asked to ‘upgrade’, in the end he was asked to upgrade four times and took a loan for over £2000.00. This has put me off even trying. Does what you are recommending, keep coming to you to upgrade? Are there hidden costs? Also how long does it take you to start making money?. I am really interested and look forward to your answers.

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Sara Thank you for your comment. WOW!! £2000 thats a crazy price!! Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely free membership and a premium membership. The good thing is you are not constantly pushed to join the premium membership you can do so in your own time if you wish to at all. The premium membership is just $49 a month (£41). You get complete access with the premium membership and you upgrade to premium once and thats it, no hidden costs or extra money required for any further memberships. As per my post, it depends on your online marketing knowledge when it comes to quickly making money. If you are a new starter I recommend the entrepeneur certifcation training. Follow the training and you can earn money quicker than the Bootcamp training option.

  2. Prav says:

    Great post. To answer the question in short, yes, online money can be made if someone is patient, persistent and don’t quit in between. I have been doing it so anyone can do it. Just that people should not expect to start earning from tomorrow if they are starting today.

  3. Robb says:

    Great post man. You nailed it 100%. People want the cash with out the blood sweat and tears it takes to earn it. Unfortunately it does not work that way. But affiliate marketing and the wealthy affiliate are great ways to create an incredible lifestyle if you are willing to put the time and effort into it. Keep on keeping on bro! Cheers

  4. Richard says:

    Great post. We live in an “instant” world. People want things instantly. They want food without cooking, to lose weight by taking a pill and they want wealth without working. In my youth I was raised to work hard for what ever I wanted in life. Making money online is similar to growing a vegetables. You put in a lot of effort up front, tilling the ground, planting the seeds then watering and weeding as the plants grow. Eventually it is harvest time and you reap what you have sown. In the online world you put in the work of building your site and creating great content. Once it is time to reap the rewards of all that effort it will be so worth it to have that true freedom. Thanks for this great article educating people on how online business really works.

  5. Cynthia says:

    This is a great article and spot on. We’ve all been burned by online scams (or, at least, I have!) but we live and we learn. It’s nice to come across something that’s honest and trustworthy. The bottom line is there is no free ride, we must work for what we want and it takes time to achieve success!

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