Converting Sales Leads – Thanks To Friends & Family

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Getting sales leads can be tricky at the best of times especially if you’re just starting out or if you’re niche is a popular one that has a lot of competition.

This post will be focusing on how to generate leads for sales through friends and family and secondly how to convert leads to sales.

Friends & Family – how to generate leads for sales

We all have friends (I hope) and let’s be honest, most friends will more than happily shout about your new business venture to help you get the customers it’s needs. So, utilise them. There are, in my opinion, a few ways of utilising your friends when it comes to promoting your business.

More website traffic

Ask them to visit your website and ask them to constructively criticise it. Then make the necessary changes (if you agree with them). Remember friends and family are still people who shop online. They are people who are attracted to websites for particular reasons. That’s why their opinion can be important. Ask them to visit your website daily. This isn’t a huge way of gaining traffic but it helps. For the best tool for increasing traffic to your site, click here.

Social media

Social media

Ask your friends / family to follow your social media pages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. Even if they have no actual purchasing interest in your business, building a following is important. Facebook / Twitter – get them to like / follow your page and maybe even leave a review (be careful, if other followers know that you are friends or family with the reviewer it can come across as biased). YouTube – get your friends to subscribe to your channel, leave comments and like your videos. Instagram – get them to promote your page on their stories ask them to like your photos and videos and leave comments.


Promote Your Business The Old Fashioned Way

Shout about your business. Whether it be business cards or fliers, recruit your friends to help you distribute these. Be careful when doing this, depending on your niche, fliers etc maybe a waste of time. If you do get fliers printed I recommend Leafletsyou keep it simple in your design and layout. Get straight to the point. Otherwise it’s going straight in the bin. Target your audience. For example, I promote working for yourself and making money online so it’s pointless me heading to the wealthy part of town and distributing fliers. Go to areas where people may want to earn extra money. Go to areas where money is tight. Also, arm your friends with business cards if you’re going down that route. We’ll touch on why in my next point paragraph. One thing I found to be successful, was when my partner and I were sitting in the waiting room of our local hospital and I noticed a lot of the pregnant women (we were in a pregnancy ward) were taking leaflet from a stand. I got some leaflets printed ready for my next visit. I left them in the stand and watched my traffic grow over the following weeks and months. Simply by knowing my audience. Many women will not want to return to work after their maternity leave finishes, so this was a perfect market to target.

News Travels Fast

Ask your friends and family to speak about your business to others as much as possible. In the work place, down the pub, wherever possible, you’ll be surprised how many people will be inquisitive. Sometimes people will be inquisitive just to be polite, but they’ll remember the conversation. Especially… if you’re friend arms them with your business card. Who knows, they may need you one day.

Converting Leads Into Sales Among Your Family

You’re family and friends trust you right? Then surely certain friends and family members, if not all of them can make use of your business in some way or another? If not, again, speak about your business around them and arm them with a card. Proud family members will speak of your business over and over this can also lead to sales.

My niche, making money online, is always a hot topic at the family BBQ that we have now and then. People are always intrigued at how ‘sitting on your backside’ makes money. If you can show them results that prove it’s worth their while you will notice a lot of unexpected interest.

Try to find an opportunity to bring your niche up where possible. Let’s say your family members are over, they have no idea you have your own online business. Drop it into conversation where possible. For example, I have a few art prints around my home that always get a lot of attention. Luckily, the company I brought them from has an affiliate programme. So I simply sent them my affiliate link and said take a look. Next minute I have a commission come through.

I then explained to my family member that I see he ordered the prints. His initial response was “how do you now”. I then explained to him that I am an affiliate marketer and then all of a sudden, it’s the talk of the room. Many questions get asked and all of a sudden you have leads. Also, they may be interested in starting affiliate marketing themselves!


To conclude, the above are only pointers on how to get sales up and running however I personally recommend working on attracting traffic to your website and social media pages, remember the world wide web is exactly as it says, worldwide. There will be doubters in your circle of friends and even maybe family members will doubt you. These are the friends to avoid when it comes to promoting your business. See my post on ignoring the haters here. It’s essential, that you eat, sleep and breathe your business for it to be successful and if your friends and family can help you along the way, then even better.

I hope the above has helped you see how to generate leads for sales and also how to convert leads to sales through friends and family. I would be interesting in hearing you got on with utilising friends and faimly. I would love to hear your stories below. Also if you have any questions please do leave them in the comments section below.



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  1. Mick says:

    Some great advice there Russell but I tend to leave the family well away because they don’t understand and just like others who say you are wasting your time.

    I like the saying “sitting on your backside” making money. I spent 30 years developing software on my backside, so it does pay off!

    It wouldn’t take long for a post or review to go viral if only a few friends or family shared the post.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Md Mohiuddin says:

    Hi Russ I found after your WA recocomendation my life has changed so much (for the better). Thank you again! I found word of mouth brings sales without burning a hole into our pockets. I believe it’s one of the best and safest marketing strategy.

    Thanks for this beautiful article.

  3. Roy says:

    Hi! great advice in promoting your business via family and friends. I have been thinking about the same, but have been a bit restrictive feeling that i might be seen as pushy.

    I will take your advice and tips on how to do this and start using them. I already have bookmarked your page and will come back for more advice as I am in the beginning of creating my own business online after your WA recommendation.

    kind regards,

  4. Hi Russell,

    I must admit I do tend to agree with Mick above (in terms of my own family).

    I always seem to have a negative reaction from family and friends, but this is simply because they don’t understand.

    This is not to take anything from the advice you’ve given, as I’m sure not everyone’s family is like mine.

    If you started an offline business, it would be your family and friends who would typically provide “free advertising” by word of mouth, so there is no reason the same cannot be achieved for an online business.


    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Partha, thak you for the comment. You’re correct. There is no doubt that family will doubt you or not understand (sad really isnt it?). if that is the case then thats fair enough. What i tend to do is when the money comes in I tend to politely make it known. That way the doubt starts to extinguish. Take care

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