Do You Hate Your Job?

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Let’s be honest most people out there follow the cycle of leaving school, go to college or university then end up in a job that is unfulfilling and not what they really wan to do with their life.

73% Of People Hate Their Jobs

That’s right, 73%! Its astonishing to think that over 70% of the world hate their jobs. If you are currently reading this, the stresschances are that you are one of those 73%. There are many reasons why peoples jobs do not satisfy their needs.

  1. Bills, bills & more bills

Everything around us is going up in price. The electric, gas and water bill, rent or mortgages, fuel, food, clothes EVERYTHING. So the need to ‘settle’ for any job is a common choice people make.

2. We are working more hours than ever

Lots of us are working more hours to cover the above costs and therefore having very little to no quality of life outside of work. This, overtime will build up resentment towards your job. Some people have to work 2 jobs in order to make ends meet.

3. No rewards?

How many of you see the benefits of the employer over the employee? You are stuck in a structure of limited holiday leave, limited sick days, limited salary, limited bonuses etc. How can you enjoy your job when everything is limited.

4. Lack of compassion from your employer?

We all come up against those times when hospital appointments come up out of the blue or one of the kids is unexpectedly un well. Certain employers can make you feel terrible for having to care for your loved one’s over earning them money so they can live the lifestyle they dream of.

5. Using nearly all of your wages just to go to work

Sometimes your whole pay cheque that you work very hard for, has to go on fuel and childcare. Therefore, all those hours you have worked are actually paying for you to be at work instead of bills and more important things that help you in life.

How Can You Quit The Rat Race?

scrap the rat raceLeaving your job can be daunting and worrying. I always advise before making the decision to leave your 9-5, to ensure you have enough money to still pay your rent / mortgage, bills and be able to fuel your car and feed your family.

There are many ways to earn a living on your terms, but many require funds to get them off the ground. However, my recommended source of income is affiliate marketing. If you would like more information on what affiliate marketing is please click here.

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing

I recommend you click the above link in my last paragraph for more information on affiliate marketing just to get a better idea of what affiliate marketing is you do not know already.

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5 Responsesso far.

  1. Tom says:


    I love your post. I would love to quit my job and take up Affiliate Marketing full time. However, I am now very aware that you cannot just do that. Thank you for sharing this as I thought Affiliate Marketing was a “Get Rich Quick” scheme.

    I will let you know how I go with Affiliate Marketing and if I have any questions then I will let you know.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • admin says:

      Hi Tom

      Thanks for your reply. With hard work and dedication you can quite your 9-5. However as you correctly stated its not something I recommend straight away as you it does take some hard work. By all means give me a shout if you need me at all during your journey.


  2. Simon says:

    I reckon not many people genuinely enjoy going to work, as you highlight above, unfortunately it is just a means to an end most of the time – to pay for the essentials that make up our daily lifestyle.

  3. Arthur Purdy says:

    Wow, so many hate their jobs. Man that’s sad. I was in one last year that I hated, it was more the circumstances I hated. As a teacher, it has become a drag to teach. Kids are unruly and have no respect.
    Now I too have joined Wealthy Affiliate. The best decision I have made, by far.

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