Do You Want To Earn Money While You Sleep – Have No Fear Online Marketing Is Here

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Although it seems like the world is slowly getting back to normal after the devastating corona virus pandemic hit us all a few months back, it has left a lot of good people unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

My post will focus on how to earn money while you sleep. A bit random right? Why when you’re asleep? Well, if you’re earning whilst in the land of nod, then imagine how much you could be earning during the day?Earn whilst you sleep

Earning Money While I Sleep? Really?

There will no doubt be people reading this article thinking “you can’t earn money when you’re asleep, its hard enough earning money when you’re awake!” Well, I am afraid it is this exact thought process that kills peoples dreams. Imagine waking up every morning and being better off than you were when you went to sleep and this was achieved whilst catching flies.

The most common way to earn money whilst sleeping is to have an online business. but STOP right there! I know what you’re thinking:

“I can’t afford to start an online business”

“I am not clever enough to start an online business”

“I have no experience in business”


I know these thoughts instantly pop in to your brain, I know this because I have been there! However, what if I told you that you could start an online business NOW? What if I were to tell you that in less than 30 seconds your online business could have a website with a basic menu structure? Here comes the best bit, what if I were to tell you all of those things, but also throw a little gem in there as well? Well here it is, all the above can be done now for FREE. Now you have a new thought that’s popped into your brain, “what’s the catch?”. Well guess what? There isn’t one. You can build your own online business and website now for FREE no payment details required!

Build today

How To Earn Money While You Sleep

So, now we have covered that you CAN earn money in your sleep lets get into how to earn money while you sleep. Obviously there are many ways to earn money online (stocks, influencing etc), however, in my opinion one of the best ways is with online marketing and to be more precise, I would recommend affiliate marketing. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is please take a quick look at my page and YouTube video explaining what affiliate marketing is here.


Right, so now you are clued-up with what affiliate marketing is you need to find your niche / passion to promote products and earn money from. For more information on finding your niche, please click here . OK, so how do you take action and learn how to make your affiliate marketing business a success? I’ve got the answer right here. I am a member of an amazing platform and learned everything I know about online business and marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to learn online marketing as it offers full training and also has millions of other marketers who are on hand t help you with any help you may need. I am not going to go crazy explaining how great Wealthy Affiliate is in this post as we will be here all day. Simply click the below link for more information on WA and how you can start your business today!


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Train Today And Change Your Life Forever

I am sure you have read the above title and have thought, “it can’t be that easy?” Well, You’re right. Its not. Nothing worth while is quick or easy. However, Wealthy Affiliate privides full training on how to become a success online. You also have the back up of the ‘WA community’, as previously mentioned, there are millions of other marketers who are active on the WA platfro 24/7 365. They come form all over the worl dand from all walks of life. Some will be extrmemely expereinced and make a lot of money, others will be new just like you, so dont worry you’re not alone. The training WA provides will push you weeks ahead of any competition that start off and go it alone. Why not take full advantage and get a hue headstart today? Click the below video to start trainign today for FREE!



get rolling today

Also, check out my training review below:

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Although You Can Earn In Your Sleep, Success Does Not Come Over Night

As mentioned, it takes hard work and commitment when it comes to becoming succesful online. But once mastered, you will ALWAYS, be able to earn money online! Whether youa re awake or asleep! I ahve a post related to success and wealth online please click here for more infomation.

I recommend starting the training with Kyle, the CEO, he will get the ball rolling for you and does an amazing job at making you feel welcome and more than capable of smashing it online.

Kyle, the CEO and your trainer

I also recommend you take a look at some amazing success stories from marketers at WA below.

First $75+ Day In Affiliate Marketing!

$5k per mo is possible – Follow the training and you’ll get results

Well there you go, what’s not to love? All that’s left today is believe in yourself, take that amazing and profitable elap into the online marketing world, I can promise you, stick at it, ask when stuck and keep pushing yourself and you will succeed. Join today for FREE below and be sure to drop me a message to say hi!

Join WA today for FREE

I hope this post has helped you understand your potential and shown you how to earn money while you sleep.


If you have any questions in reards to online marketing or WA please leave a comment or question int he comments section below and I will be happy to help.


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  1. Andy says:

    Hi, I have to admit it is a very attractive notion to make money while you sleep. But if you think about it nearly all of the passive income methods commonly talked about including affiliate marketing are really income being generated from an asset that you have built up beforehand through some combination of your own resources of time, money, application and skill. So here’s a question – In your opinion if there was one thing that Wealthy Affiliates could do to improve its services what would that be? thanks Andy

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Andy thank you for your comment. If im honest, its difficult to say where they could improve. There are so many good things WA brings to the table. I would say the only criticism really would be that some of the training videos are from a few years ago and the database has been updated so certain procedures that we need to follow arent always laid out the same. However, the community is on hand isntantly to help with this.

  2. Gary says:

    A great post from you on promoting affiliate marketing. Most people today purchasing online, they do research online, spend hours online. So they do need affiliate marketers to help them to find the right things. Thanks also for your explanation in youtube video.

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