Don’t Listen To The Haters & Doubters

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During your journey to financial freedom and learning how affiliate marketing works, there will without question be doubters and negativity along the way.

Believe In The Process & Yourself

During your transition into the world of online affiliate marketing and kick-starting your online business you will have ‘haters’ or doubters that will try to put you off from continuing with your dream.

These people could be as close to you as family members or close friends. I myself have experienced this in the past.


The best way to block out the negativity and doubt, in my opinion, is to focus on you and what you want to achieve from your new online business. Set yourself short term and long term goals. I also advise to set a goal that may seem ridiculous even to you. The reason for this is without ‘out there goals’you will not aim for the highest point. You must believe in yourself for success

Examples of Short Term Goals

Below are some of examples that may help guide you in setting your goals. I’ve even implemented my own goals also to give you an insight into why I started my own online business.

  1. To become comfortable marketing without assistance (be your own boss)
  2. Increase income to be able to become more stable – set yourself a target (e.g. Earn an additional £100 a month)
  3. Help people earn living on their terms
  4. Go part-time in your 9-5. To enable more quality time on YOUR business.

Examples Of Long Term Goals

  1. Save 3 x Your ‘9-5’ salary / earnings
  2. This helps enable you to go FULL TIME with your own business
  3. Earn ‘X’ from your business a year / month / week / day
  4. Invest your profit to help build your wealth e.g. invest in property / stocks
  5. Become a millionaire

“If It Was That Easy EVERYONE Would Be Doing It”

You will hear the above statement a lot. This is an extremely naive comment to make and I will tell you why. Just because you ‘work from home’ or sit on your couch with your laptop, does not mean the process is easy. Believe me, it’s not. Yes, working from home as little or as much as you want is better and easier than having a boss or working for an organisation with strict working hours etc but this doesn’t mean your online business will take off.

To make your online business a success you HAVE to put the work in. However, do not let this put you off. People normally here the words hard work and instantly dismiss it. Remember, you and YOU alone are your own boss. Therefore, you can decide how much or little time you put in. As I have said a few times during my posts, it’s not necessarily how many hours you are putting in, but more what are you doing with those hours you’re putting in.


For example, when I first started my journey into online marketing, I would spend roughly 1.5-2 hours of an evening on my website. I followed the step by step training tutorials on the platform I highly recommend and roughly within a week my website was indexed by google and I had traffic. Admittedly I didn’t have income yet, however traffic leads to income. This was in a WEEK! BUT remember that was only 1.5 to 2 hours an evening so really roughly 10 hours a week of work. TEN HOURS! I worked 10 hours in a one-day shift in my 9-5.

Here Is What I Achieved In Little To No Time At All In Very Quick Succession

In Under 10 Mins:

  • Created a fully functioning and secure website for my niche / topic
  • Created an ‘About me’ and ‘Privacy policy’ page for my site
  • Created pages and menus for my website

Lets be honest you would never think you could do this in under 5 minutes would you? However, the training at the platform I recommend is phenomenal and really straight forward.

your websiteThe founder of the platform I recommend often mentions it took him over 30 days to get past the above points when he first started out. To put that into perspective, I was a whole month ahead of a now a multi millionaire affiliate marketer! If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is!

You can learn just as I did, and believe me I am on computer whiz.

Change Your Life

Click on this square to get started and achieve what I did in under 5 mins (if not quicker). If you can achieve all the above in that short space of time imagine what a few months to a year can bring. Click here to see one of my websites I created in just under a month (bearing in mind this was only 1.2-2 hours, 5 days a week). Admittedly this site has become a little neglected due to having more successful websites to tend to.


Self Belief

Self Belief is very important, There WILL be times when you will sit there and think “can I be bothered”, “I want money now” etc. You have to push past these thoughts. I myself have also experienced these thoughts. If you give up you will always think “what if”. Remember, you learnt to ride a bike and swim. You fell of that bike countless times. You must get back on the bike and push forward.

I remember once thinking, I don’t know if I can do this or if I am cut out for this. I thought id sleep on it, then make a decision in the morning. I woke up that morning to an email from Wealthy affiliate (the platform I use and recommend) the email had the title ‘your website has been indexed by google’. This means Google now recognises my site so my site will now appear on the google search engine! That was the rocket I needed to keep going. You’ll notice very quickly that you then get over the negative times very quickly. Also, notice, the platform I promote and use informed me my site was indexed, so I do not need to research it myself it’s all done for you.

If you have any comments or questions please do leave them below.


4 Responsesso far.

  1. When an idea makes good sense to you, and you believe in it, then you should pursue it. Shut out any negativity around you and go for it.

    So what if you fail? As long as you learn from the experience. If you have never failed, it simply means you have never tried.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    • admin says:

      Hi Frank, you’re spot on with that quote. I cannot think of anything worse than looking back one day and thinking what if?

  2. Debbie says:

    Great article and just what I needed to hear. I’m trying to set up in a business in this field and almost every night I lay in bed and think “Is this all going to be a waste of time? Am I going to make it work or will I end up giving up?” But everyday I wake up and try to carry on.
    I’ve never been one to set goals for myself, even though I see the logic in it. I’m going to write out some goals, as you suggest, and try to just focus on achieving them one by one.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck to us all!

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Debbie thank you for your comment. I find the goals help me. Keep doing what you’re doing and believe and you will achieve. if you need any assistance please do contact me.

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