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With the everyday hustle and bustle of life it can be very difficult to be satisfied with your job and also your salary. Did you know a staggering 68% of people have studied or have had further education to ensure they get the job of their dreams, yet those in that 68% category are working in jobs they do not want to be in. This can be due to crippling university and college debts that make starting your dream job near on impossible. debt

Today’s post will focus on how you can earn money without any investment and therefore turning over 100% profit.

What Is Your Passion- What Is Your Why?

Firstly before you make the decision to go into further education you must ask yourself what really is your passion, what is your why? Do you really want to be a doctor or a lawyer? Are you blinkered by the salary that comes with these jobs instead of actually having a passion for these jobs? The reason I ask this question, is quite simply because I have been in this position. I chased money like it was going out of fashion. Believe it or not, it kind of worked. I managed to work my way up the ladder and I was on a pretty good salary. I managed to buy my own home which is pretty difficult to do in Oxfordshire (UK). However, was my job my passion? Absolutely not. All I cared about was the money. Now, id be lying if I said the money didn’t help my happiness because it did, but only to an extent. After my first daughter was born, I had a different out look on life. Family was everything. However, obviously money makes the world go round, so I had to keep going.

As I progressed through the business, my boss wanted more and more and it actually got to the extent where it was getting too much. I have always been a hard worker and I always ‘put in a good shift’. My boss was getting greedy and couldn’t understand the value of family. My stepson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which meant we were up the hospital a lot. Sometimes expected, sometimes not. My boss was not particularly sympathetic. I never wanted anyone to feel sorry for us but we did feel very alone.

Fast forward a few years and the greed from the powers that be became worse. The company was doing really well but nothing was good enough. I wanted out, but I was paid well and I struggle to walk into another job that paid that well. I was bored with the greed, the same commute to work and dealing with the same BS customers would throw at us every day.

Ifind your why needed to go it alone, be my own boss and make a living that suited me and how I wanted to work. I work hard but be my own boss so I can still go to the hospital and spend time with my family without the back lash at work playing on my mind.

I needed to find my why and my passion. So I did, I have a few passions but what passion could I utilise to make me money without spending too much to get it started.

Amazingly, by complete fluke, I stumbled across affiliate marketing. After carrying out my research on affiliate platforms I came across a great and FREE platform that helps teach affiliate marketing and how to become successful from it. There is more information on this platform below.

I Went After My Dream!

I realised that I really enjoy renovating my house and as I do it on a budget, most people would relate and hopefully therefore purchase goods and visit my site regularly which would make me money. After hard work and training, it worked! There are so many ways to make money online. You can do it digitally, promoting digital products or you can use physical products to earn money. Admittedly I have done both and physical products seemed to work for me. So, I have started my own little business online from home and it is growing nicely! As mentioned in previous posts, I am an honest marketer so believe me, this didn’t happen overnight and I am still some way off where I want to be. However, if you are willing to put i the work and go after your dream, then you could wake up one day as your own boss and earn an honest living from the comfort of our sofa!

How Did I Learn Affiliate Marketing & How Much Did It Cost?

As mentioned previously in this article, I did my research on affiliate programs and I came across Wealthy Affiliate. It attracted me as they offer a FREE membership and also a premium membership. I soon realised that the FREE membership was exactly what it said it was, there wasn’t any hidden fees it is completely FREE. The premium membership is a monthly fee of $49 (roughly £42) or you can pay for a yearly membership. Admittedly I am not a premium member as it has helped me grow my online business extraordinarily. However, there is no time limit on the free membership, you can take your time with the free training and see what you think as you go. No payment details are taken when signing up to the FREE membership. For a more in depth read up on Wealthy Affiliate check out my review here.

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The 100% Profit Side Of Learning Affiliate Marketing With WA

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you can invest as little or as much money as you want to make your business grow. Obviously, normally the more invested the better chance it stands, but if you are just starting out then Wealthy Affiliate can help you choose the niche/passion for you (don’t make the same mistake I did and just choose any old niche). They also walk you through creating your very own niche website. Believe it or not this is normally done in under 30 seconds! Once you have done this (first part of FREE training) you can then proceed on with your journey.

So for 0 money you can choose your business niche and get a functioning website up and running. If you can justify it, I do recommend looking at the premium membership at some stage but only when you are ready. Joining premium will send your online business to the next level for sure! I was a free member for roughly 2 months and then decided to grow so I did and its certainly worth the cheap $49 a month. Now if you are serious about affiliate marketing, then no doubt you will do your research and so you should, I did exactly the same! Check out my post here in regard to another affiliate market platform that charges far more than Wealthy Affiliate.

My Final Thoughts

If you are unhappy in your 9-5, just want to learn a new skill for a little side earner or even learn how to create websites for companies and friends then Wealthy Affiliate is for you. I actually manage a website for a friend of mine who has his own carpentry business. It’s a static page but it brings in business and is a nice little earner take a look here. Affiliate marketing provides the freedom required to make a living on your own terms. If you have any questions or comments please do leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Habib says:

    I am so glad to have landed on your website to learn about earning money online without any investment. I think alot of us are looking for the alternatives due to the current global pandemic. I have learnt so much from your post and i will pass the message onto to others too.

    Many thanks for educating us.

    Best wishes

  2. Tanya says:

    As I was reading your article I totally saw myself in it. I was stuck in the job I didn’t love but had a great salary. But money isn’t everything. And continuing with the job you hate really takes a toll. Being your own boss is the right way. Thanks so much!

  3. Deb says:

    Great article. As one half of a retired couple we were looking for a way to build a passive income. We needed something portable because we love to travel. With world travel still heavily restricted because of the pandemic we are still travelling within our own area while living aboard our sailboat. I love that I need only a laptop (space is limited aboard) and internet connection when we are in port. We have become premium members within Wealthy Affiliate and it was the best decison we ever made. Good luck to you.

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