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When starting your online business / website, most people think all you need to do is create a website and hey presto you have a successful business waiting in the wings. Quit your job and live the life of luxury. That is so far from the truth. Your website needs to attract traffic to it, the more traffic it has the easier it will be to get to Google 1st page rankings.

What Is 1st Page Rankings?

There are several ways to help get your website ranking on Googles first page. However, first we need to understand what Googleranking are and what they mean. We all search Google with all kinds of words and phrases. For example, I did it only the other day for my parents. They had new artificial grass laid at their house and they were told that they needed it to vacuum it now and then. The vacuum cleaner they have is extremely powerful, therefore would not be suitable for the grass.

As always, my dad tasked me with finding a suitable vacuum. So quite simply I typed into Google’ the best vacuum for artificial grass’. See below.

Google 1st page search

As you can see, my search has brought up a few options along the top for me to scroll through. However, the blue ‘vacmaster’ caught my attention as it is the 1st ranking on Google’s page for this search. Obviously, I clicked it ( people don’t want to scroll and scroll through pages if they can help it). So after clicking the Amazon page, I had a look at the product spec and as easy as that I brought one for them.

Why Is 1st Page Rankings Important?

Due to the fact the Vacmaster was the first thing that grabbed my attention, it was the first and only site I visited. If that website was on the 2nd or 3rd page I probably wouldn’t of seen it, therefore I would not of brought the item. In short, if your website is on Google 1st page rankings your site will be seen and more than likely visited. As I have mentioned in previous posts, traffic brings sales. Even if the customer doesn’t buy straight away, they know who you are and where you are when the time comes to purchase the item they require.



A ‘clean’ website is essential

If the customer comes back to your site, it’s because they trust it. We have all looked at websites and seen a great deal and are just about to click buy, then you take a more detailed look at the site, spelling mistakes, the website looks cheaply made or of low quality, so then we move on to another website, we find it slightly more expensive but we trust the site. That perfectly legit website has then lost a sale due to the quality of it’s appearance. So always ensure your website is legible and looks ‘clean’.

How Can I Get My Page Ranking On Page 1?

To get your page ranking, it takes hard work, quality content and KEYWORDS that are good for SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your SEOwebsite through organic search engine results.

As explained above, you need to attract quality traffic to your site to increase the chance of it’s success / sales. You can do this by implementing keywords that relate to your audience and their needs. Anybody can just think of words or phrases they think people will search for:

‘ How can I make money online?’

‘What’s the best car for a large family’

‘Best diet to lose weight fast’

However, how do you know these keywords rank well? How do you know there isn’t a shed load of competition for these phrases therefore making it difficult for your site to compete? The answer, no, you don’t. Well I can show you how you can now do this for FREE and take your SEO to the next level!

Jaxxy – The Keyword King!

If I was to tell you that you can sign up (for FREE) to a platform that will, at the click of a button, search for keywords relating to your niche (what’s a niche? – click here) and it will tell you if they are high ranking and quality keywords you’d think it was too good to be true right? Well I am telling you exactly that! Jaxxy pushed my websites to the next level when it comes to SEO and rankings. Sign up for FREE today and get 30 FREE searches – THAT’S 30 PAGES OF CONTENT RIGHT THERE!!

How Do I Use Jaxxy?


Jaxxy is a really easy platform to use. Sign up here for FREE and we can get right into things…

So, now you have signed up (believe me you will not regret it) you can search for keywords that relate to your niche. Remember you get 30 FREE searches so I recommend doing something we call ‘the alphabet soup’ technique first.

1. Open Google and type your keyword or phrase you want to search for

e.g. lets say your niche is making money online – simply type something like, ‘how can I make money online’ into Google

You will see this brings up a few options just by typing a phrase into google. You can then use these in your search to help you find some great keywords.

2. Type these keywords in to the search bar on your Jaxxy account and hit search or enter

3. This will display those keywords you have searched for and how they rank.





Another Way To Fully Utilise Jaxxy

I am a member of the very best online business building platform. This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and they help you grow your online business, from starting your website to earning money from it. Wealthy Affiliate use Jaxxy to help you with keyword searching. You can join Wealthy Affiliate HERE for FREE and learn more about Jaxxy with some great training videos (it’s how I learned). They also offer a premier membership with Jaxxy that will provide you with unlimited searches and access to more great features. For more info on WA and Jaxxy please click the below links.

Learn more about WA here

Learn about WA training here


More Info On Jaxxy and WA together


I hope this post helped educate you on how to get Google 1st page rankings. If you have any questions about this post, WA or Jaxxy, please do leave them in the comment section below or contact me via my about me page.




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  1. Really great information Russ. I didn’t know Jaaxy had a 30 search limit. Great to know to use Google search first then get all the numbers that Jaaxy’s research has obtained.

    You are so right about having a clean website. I see other sites, and I’m amazed if they have really thought their design and content through. But if you don’t put in the work, you don’t reap the reward.

    Thank you for another informational article.
    Keep well.
    Bedrooms by

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Nancy Thank you for your comment as always. I have been so close to purchasing items before and then stopped due to an unprofesional looking site so its certainly worth checking.

  2. Robb says:

    Great post man. No question that getting on the first page is a game changer when it comes to traffic to your site. I have heard good things about Jaxxy key word tool. Cheers

  3. Mo says:

    A nice straighforward way of putting the message accross. Jaaxy is great for keyword searches and SEO. I’ve joined WA platform and use Jaaxy all the time and really enjoying it..there are thousand of people on the WA platform all supporting eachother and so many easy to follow training videos.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Russ,

    Another great article. It’s so important when writing our blog posts to do our best with SEO and try to rank on page 1.

    I find the Jaaxy tool really cool and a lot easier to use than the Google Keyword planner. Jaaxy still seems to be underrated and it should be a lot more popular. I guess it is going to take the likes of you and I to keep promoting it.

    Thanks for sharing this article as I think it will help many people. Keep up the amazing work on your website.

    All the best,


  5. Ivan says:

    Great stuff as always! Thanks for sharing, Russ. I noticed that you recommend Jaaxy keyword tool for improving your SEO and your search engine rankings. I use the same tool myself and it’s been a game-changer. Not all keywords will rank in the 1st position, but the majority of them will reach the top. Keep posting awesome content!

  6. Danny says:

    Thanks for this awesome article! Unfortunately when I first started a website, I was one of the ones who thought that it would just take off like presto haha. You provide some very helpful insights in this article. One thing I will really make sure of is that I make my website look as ‘clean’ as possible. Thanks again for the great strategies and important things to remember! And I can also vouch that Jaaxy is a great tool to use!

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