How Can A YouTube Channel Help My Business?

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You may have read my previous posts on how Instagram (click here) and Pinterest (click here) can help grow your business well this posts focus is on another great platform, that platform is the very well-known and popular YouTube. This post will focus on how can YouTube help my business? We will also look into how you can easily make your YouTube views increase.

What Is YouTube & How Does It Work?

YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. The video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and via mobile phones. YouTube allows users to watch videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own. While several companies and organizations also use YouTube to promote their business, the vast majority of YouTube videos are created and uploaded by amateurs.

YouTubeThere are all kinds of videos available on YouTube, from sports, music, home improvement and many more. So, how can YouTube help your business grow?

As I have mentioned in other posts (click here) we live in a ‘lazy’ time. Most of us prefer to see information or watch informational videos rather than read it online or in a book. Therefore, YouTube is a perfect platform to get your message/information across to people.

The great thing about YouTube, is that the platform is free, therefore you do not have to pay to post videos or to watch them. You can also record videos on your smart phone and upload them straight to your channel. Once you have uploaded videos, your aim is obviously to ensure they are watched by as many people as possible. Very much like a website, the more views, likes and subscriptions your video’s / channel has, the higher up the rankings it is on YouTube search page. The higher you are up the page the more your video will be seen.


Can I Earn Money From My YouTube Channel?

You can earn an extortionate amount of money from YouTube providing you have plenty of subscription and ‘activity’ on your channels. There are many perks to having a successful YouTube channel. You can obtain free products, clothes etc from companies who want you to promote their products on your channel for all of your following to see. They can also pay to advertise on your YouTube channel. We’ve all been there, watching a YouTube video then all of a sudden “HAVE YOU BEEN MISS SOLD PPI?!” comes screaming through the speakers. Well that is an ad and that ad is paying the channel owner to advertise ion their video. Easy money right? It certainly is, but like most online earning platforms it takes some time to build your channel with likes, views and subscriptions.

See below some really successful YouTubers and how much money they make from their channel:

    • Ryan Kaji – $26 million.
    • Dude Perfect – $20 million.
    • Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18 million.
    • Rhett and Link – $17.5 million.
    • Jeffree Star – $17 million.
    • Preston Arsement – $14 million.
    • PewDiePie – $13 million.
    • Markiplier – $13 million.

These YouTuber’s have also built up a large following in order to make this kind of money. As you can see from my post here Jeffree Star reviews products on his site and you can also see the huge house he has been able to buy with his earnings.

See below a break down in regard to how much money you can actually make with YouTube

Youtube Money

How Can I Get Traffic To My Channel?

There are a few ways you can get traffic to your channel, one is by paying for views. However, my goal at Work For You is to show you how to make money online, not how to spend money online. Paying for viewers is a popular way of doing it but obviously if there are routes that are free then these benefit you much more.

One free way to drive traffic to your channel is something I have tried myself and it does work, however you have to be quite quick and on the ball.

1. Simply subscribe to a YouTube channel that is in the same or similar niche to you, so if you promote making money online like I do then I advise you find a YouTube channel of someone who has a lot of subscribers. Ideally anything over a million subscribers works well

2. Turn on post notifications on this YouTubers channel, this will alert you when they post a video. To turn on post notifications simply click or press the bell icon on their page.

3. When they post a new video, simply comment on it and mention your channel without necessarily promoting your page outright (YouTube will pick up on this and ‘ghost’ your comment so you can see it but nobody else can)

4. Lets just take a name of a YouTuber from our list above. So Let’s say you have subscribed to Ryan Kaji’s channel, you have turned on post notifications and you have had a notification to say he has posted. Jump on his video quick and comment as quickly as you can, therefore getting your comment towards the top for all his subscribers to see.

Comment something like ” Ryan is the man! I am a huge fan of his. Ryan is what motivated me to make my own YouTube channel about ‘your niche here’ I really hope to, one day, have a following like him!”

What this does is attract his followers who obviously have an interest in the same niche as your channel to like and visit your channel. You will be surprised how many people visit, like and subscribe. However, beware, as previously mentioned do not say outright, please subscribe to my page etc as you will be ‘ghosted’. Also, remember, the quicker you are the better if and if you can get a like from the YouTuber themselves it’s even better. Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

The Easiest Way To Get Traffic To Your Channel

If you are familiar with my website or my blog (click here) you will know that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to give your online business the best possible start in life. I am a member of this platform and I have linked my review of the platform and the training also below.

One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that it has millions of other affiliate marketers who all pay the favour forward. What I mean by that is, when you create posts on your site, YouTube channels, social media pages and so on, Wealthy Affiliate provide pages that you can simply drop your channel / website links onto and the Wealthy Affiliate community will comment on your videos and pages to help drive traffic. All you have to do is return the favour.

I gathered 30 odd views on my YouTube video within a week, this can take a considerate amount of time normally.


Pay it forward



>>>Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020<<<

>>>Wealthy Affiliate Training Review 2020<<<



If you are looking to start a YouTube channel, I recommend the below great and CHEAP items to get you started.

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I hope this post has helped you understand how YouTube can help your business grow and hopefully it has helped answer

how can YouTube help my business and also I hope it has helped you see how you can easily make your YouTube views increase.

Please do visit my YouTube channel below. Please do leave your YouTube link in the comment section below and I will happily pay it a visit.



8 Responsesso far.

  1. Ivan says:

    YouTube can definitely help your online business. I own a YouTube channel and have uploaded a few videos so far, mostly product reviews. I use this type of content to send traffic to my site and it works. About 10% of my monthly traffic comes from YouTube. The point is it works. However, it’s a long way to millions 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    I’m getting a lot of messages about YouTube these days. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. Actually I doubt it – the universe hasn’t bothered telling me much of anything before, or perhaps I wasn’t listening. By the way, I followed your earlier advice to create a logo. I haven’t used it much yet – can’t seem to post it into the header of my website theme and I still have to configure my social media accounts.
    Your article is very inspiring and I definitely do want to start a YouTube channel and I have ideas for a number of series of videos. I still only have 21 posts on my website so I am thinking that I need to focus on getting more posts published first. Is this the best approach. Do you think its advisable to have a minimum number of posts already on your site, does that depend on your niche, or is this really not a concern at all. I guess I am worried that I will lose momentum. Thanks for a straightforward article. Best regards, Andy

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. I am glad the logo post helped you design a logo. By all means email me (check out my about me page for my email address) and I will happily assist you in implementing this. I always recommend promoting your website over anything else first. Twenty one articles is a great start. I would say maybe build your site out with another 20 odd articles then look at Youtube. There isn’t really a right or wrong time to start YouTube but the healthier and more ‘bulked’ your site is the better. Always keep the momentum with your website. I normally do my Youtube videos when I have a spare 30 mins of an evening. I normally do a video every month or so at present.

  3. Tom says:

    Hey Russ,

    This is an excellent article and one that I have learned a lot from. I started my own YouTube channel in Jan 2020 and I am getting a few views but not many subscribers. So I need to put in a bit more work to start getting more subscribers etc.

    I am going to use your recommendation of following other channels in my niche and see if that works.

    I will let you know how I get on with it.

    Thanks for sharing such a great article and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Tom

      Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, please do try the subscribing to others technique and see how you get on. Ive taken a looka t your channel, you have a great amount of views. Keep up the good work. Take care

  4. Tony says:

    I think I am the example of this not working for everyone since I am very bad in front of a camera or a mic. I do think for others this is a very good way of getting traffic to your site or getting an income directly from youtube. I think the closest that I will come to a youtube channel for me would be posting videos of my aquariums for people to look at and I don’t have to go anywhere near the front of the camera or mic! I do think this article will help a lot of people I just don’t think I will get much traction out of it. Do you know if there is a way to record without showing my face?

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Tony. Thank you for your comment. Video recording isn’t for everyone, I still trip up and have to do a lot fo editing. In regard to your question, yes you can record without showing your face. I find a really good app for this is Imovie on the iphone. You can record video and pictures and simply drop a voice note over the top of them, this way you do not have to see your face but the viewer can still hear you. I hope this helps. If you do need any more info please do let me know.

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