How To Choose A Suitable Niche Market

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This post will concentrate on showing you How To Choose Your niche market for your online business.

Firstly, we need to establish what a niche is.

“A business niche is a specialized or focused area of a broader market that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition. Business owners should find a niche in their industry that has undeserved or unmet needs”

In simpler terms, it is your passion or interest that you feel you can promote in order to make money. Some good ideas for promotion are blogging, YouTube videos, social media, fliers, business cards etc. This will help promote your business.



How to choose your niche market

It is important that you choose a passion or niche that you are fond of and know a lot about. That way it is much easier to blog or promote. A common mistake affiliate marketers make (myself included) is jumping into a niche they know very little about, thinking they will earn a lot money from it because its an expensive product or because they think everyone will want this weird and wonderful.

I don’t know about anything?

A lot of people do not know what to choose for their niche. They fall in to the trap of thinking it has to be a really interesting niche or a ‘normal’ niche that everyone will be interested in. This is again a common mistake. Your niche is what you want it to be. To be honest, the more random and ‘rare’ it is, in theory the better. Why? Because if you are one of the few people promoting your particular niche then the competition is low therefore making it easier to get SEO rankings and traffic to your site.

What are you searching for online daily? What are you searching for on YouTube daily? What is your interest? These very things could be your niche and you dont even know it yet.

Niche Ideas

Below will give some insight into some ideas, HOWEVER, it is very important you do not just choose one from my list randomly, take time to think what your niche / passion is. The below are just some ideas ive come across.

  • Healthy eating
  • Nutrition
  • Sports – (narrow down – football > football boots – for example)
  • Technology – (promote technical items – cameras, phones etc)
  • Gaming – (computer game reviews, gaming accessories)
  • Fashion
  • Beauty products – (a great one for YouTube)
  • baby / children – (medical advice, pushchairs, educational toys, TV programmes)
  • Pets – (best nutrition, accessories, health)

The above list is a common list of ideas. However, your passion/ niche can be anything that mean something to you. I have seen some really random niche’s but they bring in income. For example, ive seen websites bout different cheeses, different types of garden furniture, home remedies, SUBMARINES!!! and many more. The opportunities really are endless. If you can blog about it, you can make a success out of it.

Where Can I Get Assistance Setting Up My Online Business?

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Push Yourself For Your Passion

Now You’re on the road to making an online income, I always like to offer this one bit of advice. Its something you MUST do! PUSH YOURSELF. Nothing worthwhile comes easy or everyone would be doing it. You’re in the best hands with Wealthy affiliate and also myself. Follow the training and advice of others and you will succeed. This will not happen overnight, over a week or over a month. BUT with persistence and discipline you will be successful I can promise you that. There will be people who will mock the fact you have taken the right decision in changing your life for the better, there will be days when you want to call it a day and quit (we all have those days) whether you work a minimum wage 9-5, or the owner of a multi million dollar company you will have bad days. However, with Wealthy Affiliate you will have more great than bad days believe me. I put together a little page for those days when you may feel a little discouraged. Take a look here for some motivation.

Be Successful – Thank Me Later 😉

To conclude, hopefully you now have your niche and the very best tools to be successful. So go get it! I am always contactable on Wealthy Affiliate or you can find my email address in my about me page on my website. Whilst you are here please do take a look at some other posts on my blog which will help you avoid mistakes and help you reach success. Also, please follow my Instagram page and subscribe to my YouTube channel (logos at the top of page) for exclusive content on how you can make something of yourself in the online marketing world.


Hopefully this post has  not only helped aid you in how to choose your niche market but also actually choosing your niche.

If you have any questions or comments please do leave them below or contact me and I will be happy to help.

9 Responsesso far.

  1. Bob Hernandez says:

    Folks just getting started often get stuck at this juncture, literally at the starting gate. Your point about choosing a niche, however obscure is key to success. Come from the mindset of serving the reader, bring value with honesty and integrity and the traffic/love/money will come…Success is coming…I’ll thank you now

    • admin says:

      Hi Bob

      Thank you for your comment. As you said, your niche is the rocket that kick starts success. It’s highly recommended to choose your niche carefully.

  2. Harry says:

    Hi , great article with tonnes of information.

  3. Lucky says:

    Wow, you just made this frightening topic very easy and understandable. It is very much important to understand the niche your are going to explore when entering the affiliate marketing or blogging. You need to start with what you know, have passion about and the rest you’ll learn on the way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robb Corbett says:

    Great post man, this is such an important topic especially if you are going to be creating your own content. I have found niches that appear to be profitable but when I realized I would have to write at least 3 – 5 times per week on the subject I realized it would not work for me. I have since found niches I enjoy writing about and it makes it much easier to sit down and create the content. Cheers!

  5. Jeff says:

    As a business mentor for many years choosing your niche can be the most difficult decision to make, and you should take your time and not rush into making this decision just to have a business online.

    I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate to people interested in learning how to make money in affiliate marketing, and you can test it out for free which is more than most other training programs offer you


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