How To Increase Your Efficiency In Work & Every Day Life

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Efficiency is extremely important if you want to become successful at work or even in everyday life. This post will focus on how to increase your efficiency. Whether that be in the workplace or just in everyday life.

What Is Efficiency & How Will It Help Me?

Firstly, lets see what efficiency means. According to Wikipedia, the definition of efficiency is as below:

Efficiency is the amount of divisions ordered from a task. In more mathematical or scientific terms, it is a measure of the extent to which input is well-used for an intended task or function (output). It often specifically comprises the capability of a specific application of effort to produce a specific outcome with a minimum amount or quantity of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. Efficiency refers to very different inputs and outputs in different fields and industries.

In simpler terms, Efficiency signifies a peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. For example, lets say you work on a building site, you have 100 bricks that you need to move from point A to point B. The options you have to move those bricks would be

1. Load a barrow and wheel the bricks back and forth from site A to B

2. Drive a forklift up to the pallet of bricks and move them in one from site A to B.

Number 2 is far more efficient as it requires half the man power and literally comes with minimal strain and stress. Therefore, by choosing option 2, you have saved time, labor and you have been efficient.



As mentioned above, efficiency can help you in the workplace and in everyday life. The secret to being efficient is to plan ahead. If you have a plan in place then as long as you stick to the plan your chances of being efficient increase.

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How To Increase Your Efficiency In Everyday Life

Lets be honest, we all have been guilty of leaving things to last minute and therefore make the simple things in life that bit more difficult for ourselves. This is mainly due to lack of planning ahead. If you plan ahead then things become so much easier. For example, you’re going away for the weekend with the family, everyone is excited and cannot wait for their time away at the beach or wherever. You are on a tight schedule to leave home at 7am, now if you have young children, like myself, then you will know that getting the kids out of the house is not always an easy task especially when you have to load the car with all the bags, ensure the kids have snacks and drinks at the ready along with something to reduce the boredom of the drive to your destination. I can guarantee once all this is done that morning you do not leave at 7am and then halfway down the motorway, you remember you dint lock the back door. Well, how do we combat this?

Well, its as simple as having a plan. My plan for the above situation would be to load the car the night before. Have the snacks and drinks loaded into the car ready to go (as long as they remain fresh). This helps reduce the stress of loading the car and then raiding the fridge for goodies for the little terrors. All you need to concentrate on is getting you and the kids in the car and away you go.

I personally have a glass white board in my home that I jot plans down on or even in the notes section on my iPhone. Once each plan has been implemented, I simply rub off or erase that part of the plan and then you know you are being efficient and you are now one step ahead of the game!

How To Increase Your Efficiency In The Workplace For Your Colleagues

Increasing efficiency in the workplace can be tricky as you have a schedule to stick to, so its not always easy to start making plans and jotting things down. Another factor is people. People are by far the hardest part of anyone’s job (especially if you are in management). People are weird and wonderful creatures and they are all different. Therefore, trying to implement efficiency in someone is no easy task.

However, there is a way around this. Firstly, you need to have a relatively good relationship with your colleague. It doesn’t mean you have to be of authority, but just being able to chat relatively openly to them will help. Again, having a plan is the best way forward. If you work with someone who is particularly inefficient and it affects your day to day duties, then you both need to implement a plan to make it worth for both of you.

A great example would be the box in a corridor scenario.

You have a large box in the corridor and every time you walk up to it, you have to squeeze past it.


But, hey who cares? You’ve got past it and you can carry on with your day right? Wrong. A more efficient way would be to move the box, then when you walk down the corridor in the future, you can save time and effort squeezing past the box. This will also increase efficiency for others. Something as simple as taking a second to think and come up with a plan makes all the difference.

How To Increase Your Efficiency In The Workplace For You

Increasing efficiency in the workplace for you personally is a bit easier than the above. Although you are on a tight schedule at work, I used to use my lunch break or even after work to work out how I can make things more efficient for me. For example, I used to sometimes login from home and answer any emails that may have come through after closing. Now, I know a lot of people will say ” well outside of work is my time”. Of course, I completely agree, however the 10 minutes taken to answer those emails from home could save you an hour of work when you’re back in the office the following day. The hustle and bustle of phones ringing and customers can make a 10-minute job an hour. So why not utilise a small part of your personal time to make your time at work that bit more efficient?

I often try to plan my day the day/night before. Just brief bullet points to schedule my day makes life so much easier. Again, once done simply erase them or cross them out.

My Final Thoughts

Efficiency is extremely important when it comes to being successful in what you set out to do. I hope today’s post will help guide you and help show you how to increase your efficiency in the workplace and in everyday life. Simply implement a plan and tick it off as you go and you will become far more efficient in life.

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Please do leave any comments below if you have any questions or queries or general feedback.



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  1. Andrew says:

    Being the boss or the responsible person requires us to be efficient so that the business can carry out it’s intended functions in a timely and cost-effective manner. However, I know many staff who don’t really care about efficiency in their work place and are just there to receive a pay check at the end of each week. It can be really challenging to motivate these people to do a better job. Do you have any suggestions how to get them to become more efficient and efective in their jobs?

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Andrew thank you for your comment. You’re right, it can be difficult to motivate people to think differently. Sometimes something as simple as a small reward can push people into a different way of thinking. Something like “if you can get ‘X’ done efficiently by the end of the day, then theres a bottle of wine / box of chocs in it for you”. I appreciate this is borderline gentle bribery. However, once the perosn has implemented the efficiency for this task they will probably do it that way again and again. Or sitting down with someone ad bouncing ideas areound can help, this makes them feel on your level (if you’re the boss) and valued.

  2. Anestis says:

    I think being efficient is correlated with being positive and open minded. This is the trinity of success for your business and every day life. Thus, one should try to improve in all three. Great post Russ

  3. Alejandro says:

    I think that being efficient is very important in anything you do. In fact, I have recently been working at becoming more efficient throughout my day and I think I’ve made some good progress. I thank you for writing this post and reminding me to keep increasing my efficiency!

  4. Sasha says:

    The one thing that helps me the most in being efficient is to plan, like you said. I work so much better when I have a plan in place and my productivity reaches sky high! This doesn’t mean I have to plan everything down to the last “t”. A simple To-Do list for the next day does wonders.

    Also, when you mentioned taking 10 minutes of your time to respond to emails, it is something I have also done. However, sometimes those 10 minutes turn into an hour and I am looking for a way to reduce this time spent doing work on my “me-time”. Do you have any tips for how I can “efficiently” stop myself from spending more time than i need to on work related emails?

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Sasha, thanks for your comment. I am glad that having a simple plan works for you as well. In regards to your question, I understand that its eay to get ‘sucked in’ during your personal time. I normally allocate myself a time limit. E.g. i’ll spend 15 minutes (no more) going through my emails. It would also help to prioritise the emails by importance first. That way the important bits are done first.

  5. Tatjana says:

    No doubt efficiency is very important, and I think that making a plan “to-do list” can be very helpful.
    Great article. Thank Russ

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