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Learn a new skill for FREE – And Earn Money Doing So

If you haven’t been locked down, self isolating or furloughed in the last 2 months then you’re either extremely fortunate not to live in one of those few countries not affected by the Corona Virus or you have been living under a rock.

Although hopefully we are closer to the end of the virus rather than the beginning, but, it’s not too late to learn and grow a new skill set during your time at home.

If you have been one of those people unfortunate enough to be furloughed (losing 20% of your salary) or maybe even made redundant during these hard times, then I have a question for you. Have you ever thought about starting an online business and doing so for FREE?

Imagine earning a living from the comfort of your sofa, bed, garden, local coffee shop or even a beach. Well to be honest, basically anywhere with an internet connection. Beach

Change Your Life For The Better Forever

Many people turn their nose up when it comes to online marketing as, understandably, it’s foreign to a lot of people and, in my opinion, many online marketers promote the whole Ferrari driving, New York penthouse living, yacht riding lifestyle. This is most certainly possible and there are many examples of successful online businessmen and women who have gone on to become multi millionaires from affiliate marketing. However, when this ‘lifestyle’ is crammed down your throat it can come across as a scam. So, let’s strip things back a bit.

Rolls Royce

If I was to say to you, yes you can potentially own nice cars, yes you could potentially own the nice houses etc but what about the simple things that prevent people from being happy?

How many times have you woke up in the morning dreading the day ahead at work?

How many times have you wished you had just that extra bit of money left at the end of the month?

How many times have you wished you had time to exercise and look after yourself?

How many times have you wished you could hit the snooze button?

How many times have you wished you could start your own business, promoting something you have a passion for and make good money from it?

How many time’s have you missed special moments in your life involving your loved ones; missing your child’s first steps, missing their first words, important doctors appointments, school plays?

All because you are trapped in the rat race, trapped in an unfulfilling 9-5 occupation. Working long hours for low pay.

Well why not use this time to change that and push yourself so you can achieve the above luxuries? The beautiful thing is, you can learn for FREE with no payment details needed! There is literally zero risk, you have nothing to lose. So why not just go for it. I did and I have never looked back.

Affiliate Marketing – Let’s Get Into It And Change Your Life Today.

To get the best, but simple to understand, definition of what affiliate marketing please visit my #1 online money making page on my website here. Take a look at my YouTube video on this page also for a look into how affiliate marketing works.

OK, now you have done that you have a brief understanding of online affiliate marketing and how it works. Find a product or niche, promote it, sell it and change your life financially and also mentally. Relieve yourself of the mental stresses a regular 9-5 brings. Then start to enjoy life how it should be enjoyed.

I want to provide you with as much information as I can, so you can truly see how great the Wealthy Affiliate online business building platform is and how it can change your life. Take a look at my Wealthy review right here




If you want to start affiliate marketing today for FREE, then great! I am excited for you. I’ll never forget the day I took advantage of the FREE membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I had my own website in under 30 seconds and that’s no exaggeration. Try it here for FREE. Once you are logged in drop me a message saying hello (Russ2469).

Slow and Steady Wins The Race – Be Patient

If you are anything like me, then you will want to start earning big money straight away. Just hold up a second, with hard work, commitment and persistence this will happen. However, this does and will take time, that’s completely normal. I’ve seen so many people give up straight away after creating their website because they can’t afford a holiday home yet. I have also nearly been one of those people a few times. However, every time I thought I may not bother anymore, I have received an email from Wealthy Affiliate to tell me my website has been indexed by Google or I have a new referral or a sale. Just imagine if I had quit!

Wealthy Affiliate offers an excellent training program (where I learned everything I know about marketing) I recommend you follow this training and get ready for success. Also, there are over 1.4 million members at Wealthy Affiliate, therefore there are always people on hand ready to help (myself included) if you ever have a wobble or get stuck. For more information on the training and support you receive, please see my Wealthy Affiliate Training Review here

All Thats Left To Do Now Is To Wish You Success

Sign up today for the FREE membership and thank me later. I hope this post has helped you realise that there is more to life than your current 9-5 job. Be your own boss and earn on your terms. Remember, working for someone else means you’re fulfilling their dreams not yours. If you can fulfill others dreams you can most certainly fulfill yours. I wish you the best of success with Wealthy Affiliate.







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  1. Ivan says:

    Hi Russ, that’s an awesome post and even better opportunity. I agree with you completely. People do turn their nose’s on affiliate marketing mainly because a lot of ‘gurus’ have plagued the interent with Lambo money, yachts and other BS. They drag you in, but won’t admit that it takes time to build that kind of lifestyle. It’s possible and affiliate marketing is a great skill to learn which can turn even into a full-time income like it has turned for me. Great post and keep them coming!

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Ivan, thanks for your comment. You’re dead right the ‘gurus’ have ruined it for many people but thos who are willing to push forward will be the ones who change their lives.

  2. Olga Bilkova says:

    Hi Russell, thank you for this article. I have to agree when you say that many people turn their nose up when it comes to online marketing still. And its 2020. I would like to know what are they gonna do in 5 or 10 years.

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Olga, thanks for yuor comment. Yes I think in the next decade or so, working online will be as normal as a 9-5. So its best to get ahead of the game why you can!

  3. Thimo says:

    Hey Russell,
    nice article! You´re right, you really need patience and the ability to stay even if you feel like giving up if you want to make it in this business (and everywhere else, actually)!
    Keep doin the work!


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