Six Figure Mentors – Is It Worth The Time & Money?

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Six Figure Mentors – A Review Of An Affiliate Marketing Platform

Six figure mentors or ‘SFM’ is an affiliate marketing platform that’s purpose is to help you in the world of affiliate marketing.

See below a screen shot of the description from the SFM homepage.

SFM homepage

Name: Six Figure Mentor or ‘SFM’

Price: FREE or Essential ($297 Enrollment Fee & $97 per month) or Elite membership ($2500) but you must already have the essential membership

Owners: Stuart Ross (CEO) & Jay Kubassek

Overall Rank: 45 out of 100

Affiliate Training

If you take out the free membership you get the digital business system introductory module and you learn how this education and system can help you start the right business through and one-to-one Consultation. However, in order to get to the next stage of training (the important part of training) you do need to upgrade to the Essential ($297 Enrollment Fee & $97 per month) or Elite membership ($2500). This in my opinion is very expensive and there are cheaper options out there

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: SFM (in my opinion) is not a scam

PRO #2: The training does teach you some useful information

The Bad:

CON #1 THE PRICE – The membership fees are very expensive! To have to pay a $297 enrollment fee then $97 a month and THEN $2500 to upgrade to elite is eye watering.

CON#2 – The value of the free membership wasn very informative and you feel pushed to have to pay a lot of money to learn more.

My Overall Thoughts On SFM?

My experience of SFM was to be fair, a mixed bag of feelings. After signing up for the free membership I initially thought the set up was pretty good and their purpose is what they say it is, to teach and you help you become an affiliate marketer.

However although I felt the training was informative I felt the free membership didn’t provide enough information and resources to help you push to the level needed to succeed as an affiliate marketer without having to pay for extra.

SFM Membership Fees Breakdown – What Do You Get?

You can join the free membership of SFM and get some important information on becoming an affiliate marketer however the training provided is very limited.

You can upgrade to the essential membership for a one off enrollment fee of $297 and then ON TOP OF THAT $97 a month, every month.

The essential membership does give you a bit more access but again it is limited.

To get full access you need to upgrade AGAIN to the elite membership which is ANOTHER $2500. BUT you need to be already paying the $97 dollar a month essential membership to upgrade to the elite membership.

As you can see this is very expensive. The purpose of affiliate marketing is to help you become financially free, yet paying $2500 on top of $97 a month is a very large initial payout.

SFM expense

As you can see from the above breakdown, you are very limited on the Free membership offer.





I personally recommend a far better and affordable platform. This platform is Wealthy Affiliate and it offers a FREE membership that gives much more info and allows much more access. It also offers a premium membership that provides FULL access to the platform for a monthly fee of just $49 that’s a saving of $48 dollars a month compared to SFM! Also, with Wealthy Affiliate there are no initial fees unlike with SFM where you pay the large $2500 initial fee.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership otions

Click on the above picture to find out more information on Wealthy Affiliate. For my Wealthy Affiliate review please click here

Is SFM A Scam?

In my opinion, no, SFM is not a scam. It does teach some good pointers on affiliate marketing but, for me, the cost is astronomical.

If you wish to join the best Affiliate marketing platform please click below

If you have any further questions on Wealthy Affiliate please do leave a comment below.



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  1. Prav says:

    SFM is an expensive program. I agree with your suggestion of WA 🙂 Thank you for this article. I have made my choice.

  2. Sarae says:

    Wow! I agree that SFM does seem to be set at quite a high price. This is great information. I like seeing these comparisons and knowing that WA is a great option to go with to learn affiliate marketing!

    Thanks for this information!

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