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Success At Wealthy Affiliate

As you have probably seen from my previous articles on my blog, I highly recommend the platform Wealthy affiliate for starting your online business.

The Wealthy Affiliate success rate is very high.

Obviously I get asked many questions in regard to starting your online business. One of which is ‘do people actually succeed? My answer? 100% people do succeed! This takes time and effort as I have stated before, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme (because get-rich-quick schemes do not exist).

See some screen shots of some amazing success stories below.


success at wa

website sale

Now you will notice some are smaller amounts of money and some are large amounts of money. Irrelevant whether it’s large small is beter than nothingsmall success is success. Imagine earning $50 a month to begin with, imagine what drive that can give to push for the next level. You have achieved $50 so why can’t you achieve $100 or $1000 the sky is your limit.

Put In The Work!

The above figures don’t come overnight and you do need to work for your money. However, as I mentioned in previous blog posts when working on something YOU OWN and have a passion for, the drive just comes naturally.

For example see one of my clients I recommended to wealthy affiliate review below

WFY review ” Russ at Work For You was very informative and helpful when explaining to me how I can earn money online. He highlighted the potential success but also the fact that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and that I will need to put in the work to succeed. The amazing thing is although I’m relatively new to the affiliate marketing scheme, I feel genuine excitement when my daughter goes to sleep and I can get right into my website. Whoever thought I could create my own site so quickly and easily. Thanks, Russ!”

Thirza review

“Russ has always been on hand to help me with any questions I have had about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. Its really refreshing to find someone who actually is there to help no matter how silly the question may seem. I haven’t been able to get into my site quite as much as I would have hoped at present due to having a busy few months but the platform at WA seems quite straight forward.”

You’ll Never Know If You Never Try

Why not give yourself the chance to better your finances and become your own boss. You have absolutely nothing to lose as the membership is FREE!

I have clients who have become members but haven’t created a website yet. Have they lost anything, are they being hassled to start? Nope. Work ON YOUR TERMS and on YOUR SCHEDULE.

See that exact clients comments above.

Still Unsure?

So hopefully this helped you see some Wealthy Affiliate success rates. Reach out to me. Comment below or email me and I will be more than happy to help with any queries or questions you may have. See my review for wealthy affiliate here for further information. Or please view my YouTube channel for an informative video explaining affiliate marketing and it’s benefits.



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  1. Aminah says:

    I’m at the begging stage of building my website and to be honest I always feel overwhelmed because sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I do love the niche I chose because Its something that I use in my everyday life, however sometimes I can’t find the motivation to write my blogs. Some of it does have to do with my age, but that shouldn’t discourage me. I’m 16 years old and I’m still in high school. I have written two blogs so far and am very proud of myself, but I do however overthink everything that I write which again causes me to be overwhelmed. However, after reading these success stories I feel very motivated to work on my website everyday. You’re doing a very good deed for encouraging people to not give up!

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Thank you for yor comment. Keep going you are doing great. The confidence and motivation will come once you see your site progress. Which it will. Keep up the good work. Give me a shout if you get stuck.

  2. Eric Cantu says:

    Great stories of success here. It shows that with the right training and hard work, success is around the corner.

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