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Those of you that are familiar with my website / blog (click here) will know my website is about learning how to work for you, how to become your own boss and how to earn money online. Well today’s post is no different, today we will look at the best working from home jobs.

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Let’s be honest, in today’s current settings, working from home is becoming more and more attractive. However, it is a common misconception that working from home is risky unless you are employed by a company and its also a common misconception that earning money online is a scam or not possible, Well both of these misconceptions are a complete and utter myth.

Have You Lost Your Job Recently?

Unfortunately thousands of people have lost their jobs recently. Obviously this is a normal day to day happening, However, more so since the Corona Virus hit us like a ton of bricks. Also, due to some looting and rioting, some businesses have also suffered.

Well if you are one of these people who suffered the collapse of a business or an employee who has lost their job then firstly, I am sorry to hear that you are in this situation. However, rest assured I am here to help you today. Have you ever heard the Dreamsaying ‘everything happens for a reason’? Well I am a strong believer of this. I was not always a fan of this saying though; I remember trying to buy what I thought was my dream job once and for various reasons we won’t go into it didn’t happen. Somebody else bought the house and it ripped me in two. I was gutted. Many people tried consoling me, I always remember someone say to me ‘everything happens for a reason’ and my initial thoughts were… well I won’t say the exact words but I thought what a stupid thing to say. However, not long after the house sold, I found another that was even better and guess what, I now live there. After this that very person who made that statement said to me ‘see, I told you’.

Ever since this day things started to happen that rung true with the statement. Well, you losing your job or your business could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Don’t be angry at that statement. Take it and use it to push yourself to a new level, the best level you have ever been at. I want to help you so what I am going to do is put a list below of the best working from home jobs. However, I am going to give you personal recommendation that requires 0 money.




The Best Working From Home Jobs – List Of Ways To Earn From Home


My number one recommendation for those who want to work from home is without doubt affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in Lehman terms is when you promote another companies product or service on your website or social media platform and then get a commission for every sale you make through your platform. The beauty about affiliate marketing is you do not have to hold stock, have premises or deal with customer returns or complaints. It’s essentially your own business without the stresses of what I call a ‘physical business’.

One thing I love about affiliate marketing is the fact that you can promote ANYTHING you have a passion for. Do you want to:

– start a clothing business but cant afford to hold stock? Affiliate marketing is for you!

– want to start a health & fitness business but cannot get the equipment or a gym? Affiliate marketing is for you!

– blog about your experiences? e.g. being a stay at home mum?, The best way to plant flowers, the best stroller for babies? – Affiliate marketing is for you!

– Start an online business but have no experience? – Affiliate marketing is for you!

For more info on affiliate marketing click here

Like I said, I want to help you. So click the link above and watch my YouTube video.

Done that? Great. So now you’re thinking how do I start? Well, what if I was to tell you that you can start training in building your business NOW for FREE. That’s right FREE, no I am not going to ask you for payment details at all and no there is no catch. Build a website for FREE today and get your online business started now. Simply click the image below.

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  • Baker/cater/chef


A baker or chef is a good job to make money from home. However, it does require skill and also a high knowledge of hygiene. Also, it does require a lot of time and space. This type o business can be profitable, however the materials required will eat in to any profit so make sure you get you profit margins correct.




  • Blogger

Creating a blog is also a great way to earn from home. If you are unsure what a blog is or how to blog, please click here for my post on blogs. Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you how to blog (another string to your bow). Blogging involves writing about a particular niche or topic. You can incorporate sales links into blogs to earn revenue.

  • Childcare

Providing a childcare or baby sitting service can pay well. however, this can take some time to get off the ground. In order to start a new childcare business from home, you would need to be signed off by social services and ofsted first which can be tricky if your home doesn’t adhere to guidelines. Also, the house can take a bit of a battering from kids playing all day. Pay can be very good especially if you get a few school runs and holiday care.

  • Trader

Trading on the stock market can bring in large amounts of money. It can also lose you a lot of money if you are not careful or experienced. Even experienced traders have bad days. The financial gain can be huge when it comes to trading so this is a great way to earn from your sofa and from your phone. However, I advise you do your research before committing large amounts money.

  • Social Media Manager

Most successful companies have social media pages nowadays. Due to the world pretty much all being online now, a lot of companies do not have the time to keep up with updating their social media daily. This is where you come in. managing social media and implementing content can pay very well.

  • Beauty therapist

A lot of beauty therapists work from home and make a good living. Anything from nails to waxes can be carried out in your home. But again, very similar to the childcare job, your home sometimes needs to be assessed for hygiene reasons when it comes to particular beauty treatments e.g. lip fillers, botox and piercings etc. beauty

  • Dog groomer

Dog grooming is also a way to earn a good living from your home. It, again, can require health and safety visits to ensure you environment is suitable for animals.

My Recommendation

As you can see from the above there are many ways to earn from home. My number 1 recommendation is affiliate marketing. Unlike the others, you require 0 money to start and do not have to adhere to any safety guidelines which will delay the start of your business. I started my online business using Wealthy Affiliate and I had a website with menu structure in under 1 minute! I am serious. Start training for FREE here and start your online journey today.

Everything Happens For A Reason

There’s that annoying statement again. However, as annoying as it is, believe in it. If you have lost your job or business, grind like you have never grinded before so you can look back and laugh one day. Remember, you landed the job or started your business in the first place so you can do it again and learn from your mistakes as you go.

My Final Thoughts

We live in crazy times at present. Help bulletproof your earnings and your business by starting from the comfort t of your own home today. Click the above links to start your own online business today and do it for FREE.

if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Stay safe.


14 Responsesso far.

  1. Rani says:

    A great informative article you’ve written highlighting the types of jobs can be done from home to earn a good living.

    My top recommendation is definitely the Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards

  2. Nataliya says:

    I believe in the words ” Everything happens for a reason”. I had to quit my job recently, because all the child care centers closed. I started Affiliate Marketing, I hope that in the future I can make more than I did with my job. To be able to give everything to my son. One question was always in my head since I started Affiliate Marketing how many people go successful?

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Nataliya, Thanks for the comment. Firstly, I am sorry to hear that you lost your job. However, you have made a very strong choice in making money online with affiliate marketing. It does take time and hard work but with that, you will get there. Secondly, not many people stick it out as we are unfortunately in a generation of wanting to become rich over night. However, if you stick it out and keep pushing yourself, you will become succesful. Please feel free to reach to me whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Good luck!

  3. Angelique says:

    Hi Russ, Thanks for the information. Well explained. And yes, even though “everything happens for a reason” is an annoying remark, I do think, sometimes we need just that extra push to actually get new things (that we always thought we would love to do… one day) started! I am starting up myself now and like the fact that I can be flexible with my time schedule (no one is telling me I have to be “at the office” between 8 and 6) So nowadays, I combine with running, which I’m passionate about (check out my website if you like), taking care of family, homework help for my daughter, sometimes a social coffee during the day, and of course the daily household chores. I will still work many hours, but not all in 1 block of hours during the day. Love this flexibility! Good luck with your online business! Hope you’ll be successful!

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Angelique, thanks for the comment. I am glad to hear you hav started affiliate marketing. It sounds like you’re doing freat already! I ahve checked out your site and it looks great. Keep up the good work!

  4. C.N. says:

    Thank you so much for this highly informative article! It’s certainly unfortunate that so many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and rioting, but God can always bring good out of a seemingly bad situation. As you noted, losing a job might be the best thing to happen to many people-it now gives thousands (if not millions) of people an opportunity to go into business for themselves, be their own bosses, control their own money, and do something that they truly love and are passionate about. The online business world is booming, and there is room for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to put this article together. God bless you!

  5. Matt Lin says:

    Hi Russ,

    Besides your first recommendation of affiliate marketing, people could still leverage affiliate marketing to do the rest. For example, the bakery. People who have a passion for bakery could build a website to post their works and start to take orders from the website. Maybe he/she could recommend some recipes and kitchenwares to make bread, desserts, or cakes. If people click through their unique affiliate links, they could get commissions. It’s like kill two birds in one stone, right?


    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Matt, thanks for your comment mate. Absolutely. You’re dead right. I myself manange a website for a mate of mine who owns a successful carpentry company and it all olinks in so well with affiliate marketing. We promote tools and we blog about design ideas so affiliate marketing links in with pretty much everything.

  6. Jeff says:

    The bet working from home jobs is a very motivating guide to get started with earning extra money and even a full-time business, I thank you for all your helpful advice and will share your website with my family and friends


  7. suzanne says:

    Hi Russell,

    Awesome post!! And you’re very right about the job situation right now. It’s horrible for so many people.

    Like you, I have an online business, and if anything, it’s doing better now than ever before.

    So many people have turned to e-learning and shopping online. The time is perfect for anyone wanting to start.

    I also highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as well. It’s where I started, many years ago, and the system works if you’re prepared to put in the work and not quit. It’s a wonderful platform that teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Starting for free is pretty great too, lol.

    Best wishes for your online business,

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Suzanne

      Thank you for your comment. Yes the current situation has helped my online business also, its just a shame abou the situation. i am glad Wealthy Affilliate is working for you! Take care

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