The Dreaded Corona Virus

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So, by the looks of things the virus is going to be around for some time yet.

What is Corona Virus?

Many people are still unsure about what is Corona Virus For those of you that don’t know what the virus is, see below.

Corona virus: a type of common virus that infects humans, typically leading to an upper respiratory infection(URI.) Seven different types of human corona virus have been identified. Most people will be infected with at least one type of corona virus in their lifetime. The viruses are spread through the air by coughing and sneezing, close personal contact, touching an object or surface contaminated with the virus and rarely, by fecal contamination. The illness caused by most corona viruses usually lasts a short time and is characterized by runny nose, sore throat, feeling unwell, cough, and fever.

corona virus

The world is at the brink of lock down and various governments have made the decision to close certain businesses, schools, universities etc. Also the elderly and vulnerable are being told to self isolate and stay home.

Is It Time To Panic?

Panic is never a sensible method of action. As long as you abide by the instructions given and avoid large crowds you should be fine.

Why are we talking about the virus on an online marketing website?

Well it’s simple, if you’re locked down or self isolating

a) The likelihood is you will become bored

b) Some people may not be paid (depending on your occupations situation).

Why Not Start Blogging From Home & Earn A Revenue By Doing So?

Online affiliate marketing is a great way to promote a product on your own website or social media platform. You do not need to hold stock or deal with any returns or potential customer issues. Just simply promote, blog, and review your product or niche on your site and gain commissions in doing so. For more information on marketing visit my YouTube channel or see this page.

Affiliate Marketing Surely Cannot Be That Easy?!

You’re right. It’s not. So you need guidance and easy to follow information. Well, look no further than the best FREE online marketing platform available.

Once you get the hang of the really easy to follow training and information it does become quite straight forward. With time, commitment and the will to achieve you will become an online success.


What Are The Benefits Of Earning A Living From Home?

  1. You are your own boss

Start and finish when you want. Got things on? No problem come back to it later. Use your laptop to blog and create content anywhere.

2. Earn money from your passion

Everyone wants to own their own business. But not many people have the funds to start a business. Affiliate marketing requires 0 funds to start. You can invest into your business along the line but it’s not required initially

3. Free up your day

Yes it does take hard work and dedication. However, once you get to the stage of understanding affiliate marketing it does seem to flow much easier. You can make time to take the kids to school and pick them up, go to doctors appointments without using up annual leave and go on holiday and still earn.

(I am Currently writing this article in the waiting room of my local hospital whilst my partner waits to be induced!! )

4. Speaking of babies

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you get to see and spend more time with your loved ones as you are working from the comfort of your home.

5. Earn money whilst you sleep

The World Wide Web never sleeps. So no matter what’s going on in the world, you can ALWAYS earn a living from the beloved internet.

How Often Are You On Your Phone Or Online?

I can pretty much guarantee the answer is A LOT. Let’s be honest we’re all guilty of getting engrossed in the online world. So why not use those hours you spend on your phone to make money! It’s the best of both worlds.

The platform I recommend getting you started?

The best platform (one I am also a member of myself) is Wealthy Affiliate. This platform guides you all the way to success and beyond. It is home to millions of affiliate marketers from all walks of life. From beginners to millionaires.

You have the full support of these marketers as wealthy affiliate has the best community support out there. Got a question or an issue? Simply type it into the live chat feed on the right-hand side! Or message your own personal coach! Which more than likely will be me! See my review of wealthy affiliate here.

The Best Training

I created a website in under 30 seconds (no joke) by following the first stage of training at wealthy affiliate. It walks you from building a website, to adding posts and pages, to creating traffic attracting content. So in short, follow the video training and you will succeed just like I and millions of others have. For more information on the training please click here.

What About My Current Job?

Many people worry that they will have to get an accountant and go self-employed etc. Well that is an option when the money starts coming in. However, bear in mind that you do not need to declare money until you earn X amount a year. Many peoples goal is obviously to become financially free and work for themselves.

Others just want a side income or ‘side hustle’ that’s fine. You are in control of your destiny. Whether you want to quit your job in the long run and earn a living from home. Or just a little side income is absolutely fine. You’re in control!

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Here are some helpful links that provide more information on wealthy affiliate and affiliate marketing

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  2. My review on the best platform to join for free
  3. The training at wealthy affiliate
  4. Wealthy affiliates competitors and why WA is far better
  5. Avoid scams online.

I hope the above was helpful in explaining what is Corona Virus and what you can do to earn from home.

If you have any questions or comments please do leave them below. Or please do contact me via email.



8 Responsesso far.

  1. eric says:

    Thanks for showing me the benefits of working from home. Truly the outside world is pretty scary. I will check out the program you have discussed here.

  2. Yoana says:

    Hi Russ,

    This is a very good article and totally agree with you, there is no better time to start affiliate marketing and working towards your business that in this period of self-isolation.

    Great post.

    Wish you all the best,

  3. Lisa says:

    I am presently waiting for a Covid test. 😢 so this has come at the perfect time for me. The information you have provided is spot on.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to take my mind off of everything else that is happening.
    I’m building out my business and it’s very rewarding.
    Great article it will help many people.

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Lisa I am sorry to hear that, I hope you are feeling better soon. In the mean time keep your head up during this tough time. Great idea to get stuck into your website. Keep me updated on how you are doing.

  4. Charles says:

    Thanks Russell for this post. Corona virus actually showed us that we definitely need to consider working from home and right now, that’s what I am planning to do. It’s not going to be easy, but I hope to start earning a living from home. Thanks once again for sharing.

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Charles, thank you for your comment. Working from home helps during these times but its also pretty much bullet proof in everyt other curve ball life can throw. I am glad you found the post useful.

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