Tyson Fury – Behind The Mask Review 2020

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I am often contacted by new online marketers who are struggling to find motivation and finding it difficult to motivate themselves to carry on with their online business. If I am honest, this is mainly due to the fact that they haven’t earned any money within a few days of starting. It is hard to be patient but online marketing takes time and hard work before you start earning good money.

Those of you who are familiar with my website and my blog will know that I promote working for you and becoming your own boss online. Well today post is something slightly different to normal but it links in well with the online marketing niche.

Today we will be reviewing a particular motivational book that I think will help you understand your potential and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Tyson Fury Behind The Mask

This book, in my opinion, is an excellent read if you want to read motivational books on success. It concentrates on Tyson Fury, the current world heavyweight boxing champion and his rise, fall and rise again whilst battling depression, alcohol and drug abuse.

Firstly lets get a bit of a background on Tyson. Tyson Luke Fury is a British professional boxer. He is a two-time heavyweight world champion, having held the WBC, The Ring magazine and lineal titles since defeating Deontay Wilder in February 2020

Born: 12 August 1988 (age 31 years), Tyson Fury book

Height: 2.06 m

Weight: 115 kg

Spouse: Paris Fury (m. 2009)

Children: Prince John James Fury, Venezuela Fury, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Valencia Amber, Prince Tyson Fury II

Tyson Fury was born in Manchester England in 1988 he was named after his fathers favourite boxer Mike Tyson. Tyson was born 3 months premature and weighed only 1lb. He is from an Irish traveler background hence his well-known nick name ‘The Gypsy King’. The Gypsy King came from a long line of boxers and bare knuckle brawlers.

The book concentrates on how fury had the world at his feet, he had everything a man could wish for; money, fame and a healthy family. However, overtime Tyson started to doubt himself and fell victim to the sometimes fatal mental health illness, depression. Tyson went from being on top of the world, after doing something many said could not be done. In 2015, Fury won The Ring Magazine, WBO, WBA, IBO & IBF titles when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko in Germany. He out boxed Klitschko and won the bout via a unanimous decision.




Tyson’s Mental Demons

Tyson started quoted he has suffered with mental health problems his whole life but he didn’t know enough about it to understand what it was. After defeating Klitschko he quoted “there was a gaping hole, I didn’t have the desire or the fire to tyson the champfight. I hit the drink and drugs heavily on a daily basis, I didn’t care about boxing or life I wanted to die”.

He quotes that after the fire had burnt out of boxing he felt himself falling deeper and deeper into depression. One day he went bought a brand new Ferrari and took it on the motorway with the intention of driving it into a bridge at 160mph. He mentions whilst roaring down the motorway at 160mph he saw the bridge in sight and made a bee line for it. As the bridge got closer, he heard a voice in his said say “don’t do it Tyson, think of your kids”.

Luckily Tyson listened to the voices and pulled over. He puts his turn around down one evening when he went out to a Halloween party dressed as a skeleton in 2017. At this point in time he weighed a huge 400lbs and was a drug addict. He went to a party and looked around and saw the room was full of kids. He realised this wasn’t him and what was he doing with his life.


He went home, went straight upstairs and sat in a dark room and he prayed and cried to God for help. He prayed for 10 mins and he felt a huge weight had been lifted. It was at this point he realised it was time for a change. He called his wife Paris, and said “come Monday I restart my mission to become heavyweight champion of the world”. She noticed a change in his voice, he wasn’t drunk or high. He meant what he said.


Change Is Good

Tyson knew that in order to change his mindset he had to start fresh with everything, new trainer, new promoter etc. He reached out to a young trainer called Ben Davison who himself had suffered with mental health. Tyson soon realised the way to beat his mental health issues was with exercise and setting himself short term and long term goals. Over time Tyson shed all the fat he had built up over this time and came back to the ring. After a few successful fights he had his eye on the big prize. He wanted to challenge Deontay Wilder for the Heavyweight championship. After beating mental health and his physical health problems, Deontay Wilder seemed like a walk in the park. however, Deontay is unbeaten and is well-known for extraordinary punching power.

Tyson and Hatton

It was Dec. 1, 2018, and a worldwide audience had already seen an excellent fight. Fury had out boxed Wilder for long stretches, but Wilder, the sport’s most devastating puncher — and perhaps the best puncher of all time — knocked Fury down in the ninth round. However, Tyson lay there for a few seconds and then got back to his feet. Much to the shock of Deontay and the crowd. Tyson went on to dominate the fight but the score cards came in as a draw. Many people including Fury, felt he won.


‘Know Yourself Before You Can Know Anybody Else’

Fury uses the above saying in his book. He sealed a rematch with Wilder back in 2019 to settle the score once and for all. He didn’t see it as come back “the story of Tyson Fury living his childhood dream and becoming world champion is done. That book is closed. This book is a new book and I am only on chapter 3”. Tyson knocked out Wilder in the rematch after dominating the fight from the get go. He then donates his purse to a mental health charity. Tyson Fury shows that if a man can achieve his dreams, then reach rock bottom and then rise again to be even better than before, then anyone can. You can start an online business, you can become a success and you can change your life forever.

if something isn’t working or you are struggling to motivate yourself, do what Fury did, change things, make things work for you. Get up every day and believe. Believe and you will achieve.


My Final Thoughts On Tyson Fury- Behind The Mask

Tyson Fury Behind The Mask is an excellent read for those looking for motivational books on success. It reaches out in a very special way. It helps you realise no matter how famous or wealthy someone is, we all have demons and we all have bad days. Some more than others. Please see my ratings below:


Easy to read: 4/5

Keeps the reader interested: 5/5

Motivation it provides: 5/5

Cost: 4/5

Availability: 5/5

Best Place to buy: Amazon – click here

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If you have any questions regarding thi book or how you can start an online business today for FREE please do comment below.




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  1. Sebastian says:

    Thank for this thorough review of Tyson Fury- Behind The Mask.
    A friend of mine talked about this Book a couple of days so far but I like looking for other people opinion on a product or service before getting my money out of my pocket.
    I thank God landing on your website.
    Definitely, I will buy this book.
    Thank for this helpful post.

    • Russell Amos says:

      Hi Sebastian, thanks for your comment. Its a great read and something I recommed you taking a look at. Amazon seems to be the best price at present just click the link and it will guide you from there.

  2. Hi Russel
    I really enjoyed reading your article because it is very interesting. I like to read about great people who challenge life and face all the obstacles to achieve their dreams
    Wishing you great success in your business

  3. Rani says:

    I will most likely have a look at this motivational read. Looks super interesting.

    You’ve reviewed it really well.

    Many Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Best wishes.

  4. Brian says:

    Nice review. I was looking at how to get back reading books and I might just start with this one!

  5. Martine says:

    I like to read inspiring stories of people who have truly suffered and struggled yet overcome or continue to. I am interested in reading Behind the Mask Tyson Fury. Most of us have our demons so it’s helpful to be able to relate to others. So true we need to know ourselves first. We lose that through conditioning and expectation. I’m keen to read the book.

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